February 07, 2013

Who should play Anastasia Steele
in 50 Shades of Grey?

We recently discussed who should play Christian Grey in the movie adaptation of 50 Shades of Grey. Now, let's talk about who should play the clumsy virgin, Anastasia Steele. There have been a few names thrown into the mix, but I don't think fans feel as strongly about who's cast as Anastasia as they do Christian. I just think the actress who lands the part shouldn't be too pretty.

As far as looks go, I think Alexis Bledel is a great match. She's very pretty, but has a simple, classic look about her. My only problem is that when I see her, I see Rory Gilmore. It would be very weird for me to watch Rory get spanked and tied up. Know what I mean?

Emmy Rossum from Showtime's Shameless is my top choice to play Anastasia. She looks the part. She's a great actress. And, at twenty-six, she's not too old.

I think Nina Dobrev's name has mostly been thrown around since boyfriend Ian Somerhalder is the fan favorite to play Mr. Grey. I don't really like her for the part, but it's not a bad idea to have a real-life couple play the heated lovers. They do have great chemistry together.

Girl Crush Alert! I love love love Rachel Bilson. I think she's gorgeous, cute and funny. I loved her on The O.C. I love her on Hart of Dixie. I want to hang out with her and raid her closet. But I just can't see her as Anastasia Steele. I do see her as my super famous BFF.

Lucy Hale, 23, has said she'd love to play Anastasia. She's the current front runner among fans. Her role on Pretty Little Liars doesn't exactly let one see how great of an actress she is though. Is she up for the challenge? I don't know, but it'd be cool for a Memphis girl to land the part.

Anastasia is described as being pretty, but not overly pretty. I personally think Mila Kunis is just too pretty. I don't know a straight guy that doesn't want to bang her. Hey! Wait a minute... Maybe she's perfect!

At twenty-one, Shailene Woodley is the perfect age. She's pretty, but not sultry over-the-top pretty. She can act. But is she experienced enough to play a virgin who falls in love with a billionaire and has an inner goddess telling her what to do? That is the question.

Who would you choose to play Anastasia Steele?


Unknown said...

My vote would go for Lucy Hale. I like Mila Kunis, but she's gorgeous and I'm looking for a girl who I couldn't see in that situation and I can totally see her getting spanked. =) Ha!

Anonymous said...

I vote Lucy Hale simply because I LOVE her and LOVE Pretty Little Liars!! I think she could play the part well, but honestly I think Alexis Bledel looks best suited, innocence-wise. It'll certainly be interesting to see who they pick! I can kinda see Emmy Rossum in the role, too, but not quite as much as some others.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I agree... No to Rory for the same reasons.. yes I just called her by her characters name. And no to Rachel. PS IF you get to be BFF's call me, I want to hang with YOU and I want to hang with her!! :) We can get BBQ together in Memphis!!!

I haven't read the series but judging by your opening statement I think Emmy has the look - innocent, and believable that she'd still be a virgin. So wait... kinky woman in the books is a virgin.. wow.

MommyLisa said...

The only one I know, without looking them up, is Mila. God she is hot.

Christina said...

I think Emmy Rossum would be great. I haven't seen her in much so none of her roles stick out for me, which is a good thing. Lucy Hale doesn't seem like that great of an actress. Rory was totally different on Mad Men and I liked it. I wouldn't mind seeing her. I mean, Alexis. Hahah. Maybe I can't separate the two either.

Meghan said...

I think Lucy Hale or Emmy Rossum would be PERFECT!

Makaila said...

Lucy Hale looks the part, though I'm not sure if her acting skillz are up to it? What about Jennifer Graham (is it Graham?), the Hunger Games chick?

Unknown said...

Emmy Rossum is my top choice too. She is perfect! what can we do to convince the producers?