March 22, 2013

March Sadness

I love sports. Always have. Always will.

I love football. I love baseball. 

But most of all, I love me some college hoops.

This year, my beloved Kentucky Wildcats didn't get invited to The Big Dance.

It's only the second time in 22 years, so although I'm sad, it's not the end of the world.

We are eight-time national champions.

Go Big Blue!

Does this mean I'm bitter and not going to watch?


I am going to be one loud ass chick yelling at her tv.

I will root for teams I do like. (Gonzaga)

I'll be pulling for some underdogs. (Harvard, what?!)

I'll be cheering on former Kentucky coaches. (Go Tubby, it's your birthday!)

And I'm going to boo teams I don't like. (Gators & Jayhawks, you stink!)

Alright, let's dance!

And since we're talking about dancing, I figured I'd link up with Whitney for

Back That Azz Up Friday.

Today's post is brought to you today by Nelly's Shake Ya Tailfeather.

If this song doesn't make you #backthatazzup, I don't know what will.

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Anonymous said...

Aw man- I am a Gator! I'll try not to hold your booing us against you. Happy March Madness!

Karen M. Peterson said...

Sorry about your boys. I really thought they'd go far this year.

Unknown said...

It is a bummer about our Cats, but I'm sure we'll bounce back next year!

Being a Kentuckian, I know that if you are a UK fan you're not supposed to like Louisville, but I'll always root on a KY team.

My "hometown" team, the WKU Hilltoppers, play Kansas tonight. It's a long shot, but I'll be cheering them on!

Shelley said...

I'm not a huge sports fan but if I had to sit at a sports game it would definitely be basketball!

Venus Trapped In Mars said...

Yeah girl!!!! You know I love this post! AND BOO HISS to florida!!

Anonymous said...

Channing Tatum. I die. :)

samecookiesdifferent said...

cheeerleading :) <3 so fun! did it for years... :)
xxxx LOVE LOVE LOVE <3 have a great weekend, love!

Esme said...

My team didn't make it far at all, Oh MU :(! I will also be booing the ugly little bird (Jayhawks)!

Oh & Mr. Tatum is one sexy piece of man!

Lori Carey said...

I work for a major division 1 university - in the athletics department. Most all of our advisors (including me), have 2 monitors on our desks. Yesterday walking around the office, every monitor and TV had a different game on it. I went into my boss' office and she had her laptop set to one game, one monitor set to another, and the 3rd set to another and she was HAND WRITING a report, so she wouldn't have to use a computer program and take up a screen. I couldn't stop laughing.

March Madness is in full effect in my office!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Duke? NOOOO - I'm questioning our friendship! ;) kidding of course about the friendship part obviously but I do, indeed hate Duke.

(Tarheels / Terps / Tide fan here)
*** This year I have no clue WHO's in the running I haven't paid a lick of attention to any of the games.

Christina said...

Go Zags!!!

Love the Channing picture.

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I went to college with no division one anything, so that's my excuse for being clueless every March Madness!

TLF said...

You have to be invited to play??