May 06, 2013

2013 Kentucky Derby Fashion

One item on my mom's bucket list is to attend the Kentucky Derby. One item on my bucket list is to take my mom to the Kentucky Derby. I want to wear a fancy dress, tall heels and a ridiculous hat. I want to drink mint juleps whilst rubbing elbows with the rich and famous. I want to place my bets, sit back and enjoy the show race.

Doesn't it look like so much fun?

We all know I'd fit right in.

images via Kentucky Derby

Here's a look at the fashion from this year's event.

I included some randoms you won't know simply because they looked interesting.

Jane Seymour
I'm digging the red + nude heels on Jane.

Coco Rocha
She looks like an old lady.

Whittney Allen
Unfortunately for Miss Kentucky, she looks more like a call girl than a beauty queen.

Star Jones
Her hat looks like a lampshade with feathers.

Lauren Conrad
It's too monotone. How about some bright lips, Lauren?

Angela Bassett

Krysten Ritter
I mostly like this except for the shoes.

Angela Zatopek
It's the Kentucky Derby not the MTV Movie Awards.

Martina McBride
It's ok. She could use a pop of color somewhere too.

Mallory Hagan
I feel like this is almost perfect. Maybe if the skirt were the same material as the top...

Taylor Dayne
Sorry, this is all I've got.
"Tell it to my heart
Tell me I'm the only one
Is this really love or just a game"

Jennifer Tilly
At least she has color on her lips...

Miranda Lambert
I like her heels, but that's about it.

Jo Dee Messina
I think the dress is all wrong for the Derby.

Bonnie-Jill Laflin
With less boobage, this could have worked.

Jordan Phillips
I would never wear it, but this look is very Derby.

Kid Rock
I don't want to hear it. My boyfriend can do no wrong.

Joey Fatone
See? At least Kid Rock didn't wear this.

Josh Henderson
It would have been Derby perfection with different shoes.

Stephen Amell
I'm digging the navy and green, but his shoes are all wrong too.

Chelsea Killman & Marlee Lathren
One looks like Cruella de Vil and the other looks like Lilly Pulitzer threw up on her.

Priscilla & Patricia Barnstable
Is this what Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield look like now?

Luke Bryan & Caroline Boyer
Bravo, Luke Bryan. You nailed it.

Jason Biggs & Jenny Mollen
It's not great, but it'll do.

Tiki Barber & Traci Lynn Johnson
Her accessories aren't working for me.

Travis Tritt & Theresa Nelson
Um, no.

images via Huffington Post & Go Fug Yourself


Unknown said...

OMG, you are funny - the comments about Kid Rock & Joey Fatone really made me laugh!!

Some of those outfits....seriously??!! I know nothing about the Kentucky Derby although we have big race days here & I know it's all about a big outfit for the day. Still, it's amazing that some people still get it so wrong....what DO they see when they look in the mirror I wonder? Oh well, I'm sure they all had a great day :)

Macey said...

I was TOTALLY thinking WTF with Kid Rock but then you said what you said and I literally lol'd. Then. The comment on Fatone totally did me in!
Also, yeah, Miss KY really should be doing a commercial for K.Y. Yikes.

Christina said...

You need to go! How fun!! Why was there so much black? Although, some of those head to toe pastels look crappy. I think Jane was my favorite. I don't know if I could do a huge, crazy hat. I'd probably go with something like Krysten's. I agree that Luke Bryan looked the best.

BREI said...

I need Miss Kentucky to eat some red beans and rice! K sorry for being snarky but it was the first thing to pop in my head.

BREI said...

And oh my God Yes Sweet Valley High! They totally look like that now!

Unknown said...

I feel that it is my duty as a native Kentuckian to attend the Kentucky Derby at least once in my life. I mean, Louisville is only a couple of hours from me!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

You can NOT dig on Stephen's shoes and not comment on the homeless-ness that is Kid Rock's outfit! haha. I swooned when I saw Stephen. Love that guy. I like that he's sporting green! (mmm Green Lantern)

Kid Rock realllllly should have at least gone with a suit jacket and some ripped up jeans - play up the southern rock thing. (Then again 5 bucks says he was hitting on side boobs mcgee and the Kentucky tart queen ;) and his outfit was the most comfortable of the night. Especially in that rain!

LC looks cute but I agree TOO MUCH NUDE! The outfit was great, but I'd love to see a brighter color.

Luke looks great!!! Joey should have gone with something other than checks!!!

Travis Tritt looks odd to me... but it's because i miss the mullet!

I agree Josh Henderson should have worn different shoes....

I wonder why Billy Reid wasn't like sponsoring these guys, the KNOWS how to make men look like Southern Gents w/out making them look odd as hell!

Thank you for doing this I always wonder what the stars wear to these events!!!

claire said...

Jane Seymour=Flawless!
I think Martina needed a larger hat to balance out the peplum on her dress.
I actually like Jo De Messina's dress. It works with the hat.
Luke Bryan and Jason Biggs definitely looked the part!
If the step and repeat was a shade of nude, LC would be invisible!
And Kid Rock was there to have a good time, not to impress anyone! I respect that!

Sunkissed and Southern said...

hahaha The Wakefield twins!! I was obsessed with the twins version.

There were a lot of poorly dressed people!

Tami said...

WHat a fun post! Almost all the female looks are SO bad! And all the bad footwear choices--it's killing me. I now feel better about the fact that I will probably never attend the Derby. lol

Unknown said...

Now that...I loved! TOO funny! I think I would have said "too much side boob" for that Angela person. I hope to go to the Derby very soon!

Parker said...


Allena said...

Loved the Wakefield twins comment. I agreed with you on about 90%. :)

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

josh henderson needs to SHAVE THAT FREAKING MOLESTER MOUSTACHE. sheesh.

and as a southern lady, i am hardcore disappointed in these pageant queens.

Natalie said...

I left an entire comment from my phone and then it was eaten. I had to log in from my computer just to tell you that I already left a comment, but it disappeared.

And I agree with everything that you said. I would LOVE to go to the actual Derby. And if that can't happen, I'd settle for a weekend at Steeplechase.

Mrs. Match said...

lol, they all just look so ridiculous! Except Angela Bassett, I actually like her dress. I would love to go to a derby someday.
SF has horse races for really cheap sometimes, and they do deals for really cheap food. Might be a fun thing to check out one of these days.

Brooke said...

How fun! I would love to go to the Derby! Would be so fun to get all dressed up!

=) Brooke