May 07, 2013

2013 Met Gala Fashion
Better than Meh

These ladies get a pass even if I'm not totally in love with their looks.

Kate Beckinsale
I don't particularly care for the dress, but she looks fierce.

Aubrey Plaza
I like the dress because it's different. I like the heels too.

Does she look ridiculous? Yes, of course, but she's Madonna.

Leslie Mann
I think the necklace is too big, but I really like this dress on her.

Emmy Rossum
It's not great, but it's not bad either.

Lena Dunham
This is a huge improvment. She usually looks horrible.

Jessica Biel
Surprisingly enough, I don't hate this. It's not boring. There's that.
She's just so pretty!

Rooney Mara
I don't like the front, but I do love the back.
If the makeup weren't so harsh...

images via People & Huffington Post


Allena said...

Madonna does NOT get a pass. That is beyond ridiculous. Lena needs to stand up straight but other than that, most improved!!

Unknown said...

Lena has terrible posture, eek!

I like Madonna's outfit, she has embodied punk that's for sure, I think she carries it off.

I really don't like Kate Beckinsale's dress, she's so attractive but has little style - she always looks great but looks like whatever she is wearing was given to her & didn't choose it at all. That probably makes no sense at all! Her dresses are always very middle of the road.

Love the back of Rooney's dress too.

I cannot wait to hear what you have to say about Kim K!!! Am dying to read that ;)

Unknown said...

PS Just noticed the woman behind Kate B, LOL!!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Is it too late to tell Madonna to grow up? You've already done it all girl, you don't have to compete with Lady Gaga, she should be kissing YOUR BUTT!

Kate looks fierce - she could wear a potato sack and still look amazing!

I love Aubrey Plaza, her outfit looks like she got stabbed but I still like it on her.

I like Leslie's look too - I agree with the necklace, maybe if it was a color from the dress it would seem less huge?

Lena - I've never seen her on red carpets but I will say this.. I always feel like she needs to take a really good bath/shower. And BRUSH HER HAIR!

Jessica is definitely working it - I'm so happy the bangs are slicked back!

Unknown said...

I like Kate's photo because of the funny lady in the background.

Lena Dunham makes me want to sit up straight.

Madonna. *cringe* I think she gets points for actually looking punk though.

Katie said...

You didn't like Rooney Mara?!?! Whaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!

Christina said...

I really like the back of Rooney's dress too! I didn't mind Aubrey's at all when I first saw it, but now I don't know. Kate's legs!! I agree about Lena, but I think she went too safe. Now was the time for her to be weird.