May 07, 2013

2013 Met Gala Fashion
My Faves

Alexander Skarsgard
Best Dressed
Hottest Guy in a Tux

Kristen Stewart in Stella McCartney
I don't love pantsuits.
I don't even love the fit of this one.
I will give her credit for wearing this though.
She stands out.
The color is fantastic.
What I most love is her hair and makeup.
Her stylist really does a great job when it comes to big events.

Minka Kelly in Carolina Herrera
This clearly isn't punk-inspired.
It is gorgeous though.
I love love love it!

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior
I love the netted veil.
Once again, her makeup looks great.
At 22, she really knows how to work a red carpet.

Nina Dobrev in Monique Lhuillier
Nina is quickly becoming a fashion icon.
I'm not sure if it's her, or the work of a stylist.
Either way, someone's on fire.
It's a bustier jumpsuit with a leather harness and flouncy skirt over pants!
Hello? Killed it.

Taylor Swift in J. Mendel
I like that Taylor continues to dress out of her comfort zone.
The look gives her a hard edge, but she still manages to look feminine.

Anne Hathaway in Valentino
Anne really needed to make up for her horrible Oscar dress.
I have never liked her red carpet looks.
I have to hand it to her.
This rocks.

Jennifer Lopez in Michael Kors
I think JLo, her overall look and the dress speak for themselves.
She is a red carpet knockout once again.

Sarah Jessica Parker in Giles Deacon with a Philip Treacy headdress
Who else can wear a giant mohawk headdress and get away with it?
She loves fashion, and I love her for it.
Carrie Bradshaw 4ever.

That's all, folks.

images via People, InStyle & Huffington Post


Unknown said...

Am so in agreement, yay!!

SJP was dress of the night for me, she captured the whole punk. Couture & chaos idea & completely carried it off.

Minka Kelly's dress is gorgeous.

Love Kristin Stewart's make-up.

So agree about Anne Hathaway. Recently I haven't loved anything she's worn but she looked great last night....surprisingly the blonde hair worked on her.

Loved J-Lo's hair & make-up, her stylist did a great job.

Jennifer Lawrence looks lovely, she (and her stylist) are so good at her Red Carpet looks.

Fantastic coverage Misty, good job!

I'm going to just have one more look at eyes, my eyes ;)

Unknown said...

PS TAylor Swift really gets on my nerves but I loved this look, her hair & make-up are gorgeous.

Marie-Eve said...

Isn't Alexander Skarsgard always a favorite, whatever he is wearing. He's hot, period !

I agree, anne hathaway really nailed it, and her blonde locks was a total shoker. Loved it !

Unknown said...

Yep, he's hot.

Whoa! Minka Kelly is stunning! I love that dress!

I really dig the blonde Anne Hathaway.

Meghan said...

I can't wait to see how Jennifer Lawrence evolves over the years. She's a DOLL. And I love SJP - she wouldn't be SJP without the crazy fashion choices.

Allena said...

I disagree on Kristen Stewart. The fit is awful on that pantsuit. I do agree about giving her props for wearing it, but least make sure it fits!

Shelley said...

Lol that last picture is awesome. And that's the most grown up I've ever seen Taylor look!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Skarsgard = hotness!

Kristen looks like she went to the set of True Blood to get her make-up done (she looks like Eric when he's got red eyes). I'm not loving any of her outfit but I do love the risk she took wearing it. The make-up DOES make her eyes pop close up. She has beautiful eyes.

Jennifer looks lovely but I feel like she missed the mark with the "PUNK" feel of this. It's beautiful, but too safe.

I think Nina is hands down my favorite of the night. Best pantsuit like outfit and her hair while pretty still looks edgy. I want to see her belting out some Joan Jett in that get up.

I liked Taylor's outfit a lot -happy to see her curly hair back - I sort of wish it was UP so that it didn't take away from the neck and shoulders of her dress. But her make-up looks great! (wayyyy better than what Miley tried to pull off).

I think Anne looks amazing. The only thing I hate is the feathers on the arms. Otherwise this look is perfect for the night. Artsy and Punk.

J-Lo made me roll my eyes... We get it... you look amazing... I'm bored with this look even though it's a great dress and she looks amazing, it's dull to me. Her hair is rad though - very in tune with the night's theme.

SJP - God I love her. The dress doesn't really floor me like her hair and headdress does, but she still rocks it. (not a fan of the shoes with this though).

LOVE the last pic of SJP and Jennifer! LOVE IT!

Mo (New on U) said...

Did you see January Jones?? I don't usually like her, but her look for this was so AMAZING. It was a complete transformation, but she still looked amazing. Like a robot/alien version of herself. Ok, maybe that's not the most flattering way to describe it, but it was great!

Annie said...

Such gorgeous ladies and gorgeous dresses! Love SJP!

The Other Side of Gray

McGriddle Pants said...

What is with Kristen Stewart's face?! Ugghhh. Expression much? Nope!

And I love Jennifer Lawrence. She seems so much more mature and down to earth that most 22-year olds, let alone 22-year-old-starlets.

Christina said...

Minka was my favorite! I really loved Taylor and Nina too. And I agree with you on Kristen's hair and makeup, but I can't get behind the pants in taht suit. The bagginess looks like something Bieber would wear. SJP won the Met Gala.

Christina said...

Thanks for the awesome recap! I missed all of this last week. Ugh!