May 07, 2013

2013 Met Gala Fashion
What the Frock

Ladies, you're doing it wrong.

Anna Wintour
The silhouette's not bad. I just don't think this works on a 63-year-old.

Nicole Richie
She looks like Heat Miser.

Sienna Miller
Throwing a studded jacket on doesn't make it punk.
Also, the dress is too long.

Elizabeth Banks
It looks like she's wearing one of Elton John's blazers without pants.

Katy Perry
I don't like the dress, crown, earrings, or hair.
The shoes are bad too.

Julianne Hough
I feel like she went for punk princess, but fell short.

Christina Ricci
Plaid & pantyhose? Really?

Kim Kardashian
Head-to-toe floral when you're pregnant?
Seriously, her heels were the same print.
And did you notice the gloves?
What the frock, Kim?
What the frock!

Ginnifer Goodwin
They eyes are too distracting.

Miley Cyrus
A lot of people love this because it's punk.
I think it's too much.

Donatella Versace
I actually like this. I just think it's wrong for her.

images via People & Huffington Post


Unknown said...

I think Gwen Stefani could have worn a version of the last one, I quite like it too.

Julianne's dress I quite like too.

I like Christina Ricci's dress too, just not everything else.

Kim K.....what the frock is right!! Floral, FLORAL?! With matching shoes?? At least she could have worth black. She wears enough of it on other occasions.

Unknown said...

....and Anna Wintour looks terrible!!!!

Unknown said...

As soon as I saw Kim Kardashian on tv this morning, I thought of you. What the frock doesn't even begin to cover that hot mess. Did she not look in the mirror before going out?!

Hannah Alexis said...

NICOLE! What are you doing, honey boo? Same goes for Christina Ricci... and Kim K... oh poor, poor Kim K. Everything about her outfit is unfortunate.

Allena said...

I thought Jessica Simpson was the biggest preggo I'd ever seen. Until Kim. She is like a car wreck. And I gained 40-50 pounds with both my babies and my daughter was 9 pounds. So I was no Kate Middleton of pregnancy. KIM IS HUGE AND DRESSES AWFUL! That is all.

Sarah said...


Shelley said...

Oh noooo's.

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

i LOVE that kim full-on embarrassed herself the ONLY time she's ever been invited to the met ball.

and she wore floral like anna wintour, WHO HATES HER. sweet sweet irony.

Unknown said...

I didn't even recognize Nicole Richie. Yikes. And Kim is going to go down as the worst dressed pregnant woman in the history of forever. Who saw her before she left the house and told her she looked good? That person should be kicked in the teeth.

Found your blog through bloggy moms, I love it!


Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Anna - I just... I can't. I don't get it. It looks like she took her granddaughter's dress and put it over a white dress. It's like a 3rd grade teacher stumbled on to the red carpet...

Um... Nicole, WTF?
Then again, I can't really blame her she's married to a man who claims Good Charlotte is punk. Bless them, I love them but... they aren't really "punk". Dress is pretty, hair not so much.

Sienna looks like she woke up from a hangover and realized SHIT I HAVE TO BE AT THE RED CARPET IN 20 MINS! Agreed... tossing a studded jacket doesn't make you punk.

Elizabeth Banks - your comment made me laugh really loud, totally!

Katy Perry - looks like Game of Thrones threw up on her, ate it again and then toss it back up all over her once more.

Julianne looks like she went to the prom a few years too late.

I love Christina's dress, hate the hose.

Kim Kardashian - WTF? Did you see the humor thing "Who wore it better?" and it was her and a couch... the couch won... obviously.

Ginnifer, no!

Miley - I hate it all. It's just too much.

Donatella - love the sleeve and the cuff, and I guess she can work the dress but it does seem off.

Unknown said...

Oh my god what happened to Ginnifer Goodwin? She looks tragic.

McGriddle Pants said...

What happened to Nicole Richie?!? I mean, WHAT??!?

And Donatella. Sigh. Her whole face needs to hit the "reset" button.

Miley was the best of the worst, I'll just giver her that :)

Christina said...

Kim!!! Just when I was praising her for looking semi-normal. That is terrible. I don't mind Nicole's dress, but what's with the hair?! Sienna looks way to casual. Katy looks gross.