July 23, 2013

What I'm Watching
Summer 2013

Whodunnit is a murder mystery reality competition. Thirteen contestants put their investigative skills to the test each week to solve a series of puzzling murders. As they uncover evidence, they'll ultimately reveal the murderer among them. Think Clue meets The Haunted Mansion. The winner will receive $250,000. It's really cheesy, but I like it.

Whose Line Is It Anyway? is a revamp of one of my favorite sketch comedy shows. Returning cast members Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady and Colin Mochrie, along with a celebrity guest, are put through a series of spontaneous improv games prompted by random ideas from the studio audience. I watched the British version. I watched the original US version. Now, I'm watching it again. After work, it's great to unwind with Whose Line because it's super silly and hilarious.

Project Runway is one of my favorite reality shows. If you haven't seen it, it focuses on fashion design. Season 12 kicked off last week. This season, Tim Gunn is on the runway and will be able to save one of the designer's from elimination. I like this new twist because sometimes the judges send the wrong designer home.

Big Brother is my all-time favorite reality show. I've seen every single season. It's a drama filled hot mess which is why I keep watching. A large group of people live together in a house for the entire summer. They're completely cut off from the outside world. Contestants get eliminated each week, and the last one standing gets half a million dollars.

The Goodwin Games was a mid-season replacement on Fox. This sitcom tells the story of three grown siblings who return home after their father dies. In order to inherit his millions, they have to play a series of games he devised to help bring them closer together. There's currently only seven episodes. There's still no word on whether this show will be renewed. I really hope so. It's so funny, and the entire cast is great. I really enjoyed it.

Pretty Little Liars is so stupid. It's the show I love to hate. The premise of the show goes something like this. A girl is murdered. Her four closest friends are suspects. There's someone named "A" who keeps threatening the girls. "A" is probably the murderer. People continue to die. The girls continue to be suspects because they do a lot of dumb shit. I yell at the tv a lot. I mostly continue to watch because the girls are pretty and have great clothes.

Rizzoli & Isles is a crime drama starring Angie Harmon as police detective Jane Rizzoli and Sasha Alexander as chief medical examiner Maura Isles. First off, I love Angie Harmon. I'd love to be her when I grow up. Secondly, it's great watching a show with two female leads. The show has great writing and an even better cast.

True Blood is one of the few shows that can pull off being both sexy and funny. The cast is full of hot actors, both male and female. There's blood, sex and violence. But what else can you expect from a show filled with vamps, wolves, faeries, shifters, and witches? This season isn't my favorite, but it's been improving with each episode.

Dexter, in its final season, is one of the best premium cable dramas out there. Simply put, Dexter is about a serial killer who murders bad people. This is the only show that almost makes me physically ill. Not because it's gross, but because it is so darn suspenseful... I am on the edge of my seat every single time I watch.

Last but not least, we have the two shows I've been slowly catching up on in marathon sessions.

Breaking Bad is my husband's all-time favorite show. He's been dying for me to watch, so I finally caved. A chemistry teacher finds out he has terminal cancer. In order to leave money for his family, he starts producing and selling meth. A lot of people told me it started off slow. I have to disagree. I was hooked from the very first scene. This show is exceptional. I finally get why everyone loves it so much. I hope to catch up before the final season starts next month.

Friday Night Lights is another show I've always heard great things about. Football is like religion in the south. Simply put, it's a way of life. I knew I'd like this show. It was just making the time to start it. I'm only four or five episodes in, but I can already see that it's going to be great. And, in case you're wondering, I'm already in love with Tim Riggins.

We finally ditched cable tv a couple months back. It was a little weird not having a DVR at first, but we quickly adjusted. We currently subscribe to Netflix and Hulu Plus. If I can't find what I need there, I start searching. So far, I haven't missed out on any of my shows.


Kelly Louise said...

so so so excited for breaking bad and equally just as sad that it's ending

Whitney Alison said...

I LOVE breaking bad, but I need to catch up as well. Thank goodness for netflix...I might have to cave and finally watch friday night lights...

Rachel @ front row seat said...

Have you watched this Sunday's True Blood yet?? I'm STILL super upset by what happened!!

I'm going to be devastated when Dexter finally ends. It's like losing a family member!

So glad to know someone else is as addicted to tv as I am! :)

Annie said...

LOVE Dexter, and I've just started getting into Breaking Bad too! Great shows :)

The Other Side of Gray

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I love Aisha Tyler (host of the new Who's Line) so I sort of want to watch it again to support her. (She's the voice of Lana on Archer one of my most favorite cartoons of all time, for adults).

True Blood - Finally after 4 full episodes TB is starting to be come interesting again. The first episode i almost said WTF I'm over this. But I figured it's on my cue to watch it, I will give it ONE more season. Besides Alcide is getting a lot of naked screen time... yum!

One of my friends keeps telling me I HAVE TO WATCH Friday Night Lights so I might give it a go. Especially since George Tucker (not his real name I know) is in it (from Hart of Dixie). And also Jessica (not her real name) from Supernatural. ;)

I keep wanting to try to give One Tree Hill another shot... I tried to watch the pilot and felt a bit too old for it.

Jadr said...

At the moment I absolutely love storage hunters probably because they never know what they'll find. I watched the first couple of episodes of pretty little liars but then missed a few and couldnt catch back up- shame really because it was good!

Unknown said...

I loved Whose Line Is It Anyway? when it was on before and this one is just as good!

I also watch Pretty Little Liars (I DVR it) and I agree with all you said. Their clothes are the shiznit.

I LOVE FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS! I miss it and hold out hope for a movie one day. Also in love with Tim Riggins. =)

Allena said...

They filmed Friday Night Lights in my hometown and based the uniforms, mascot, etc. after my high school. Some of our coaches were extras too, and some of the game footage is my high school. I love it!

Mrs. Match said...

I'm really rooting for Goodwin games too. Great show! I'm sad there aren't more episodes. Check out Twisted on ABC family. It's very odd but I'm hooked.
Breaking Bad is an amazing show, but I also found it extremely depressing.
We want to cancel cable so bad, but our Internet and home phone would be more if we do. So lame. As soon as I find a better ISP I'm out!

Kallie @ But First, Coffee said...

We don't have cable either but if you're good at staying on top of the schedule Hulu works great.
Just stumbled across your blog, it's super cute!
I'm a new follower, I'd love if you'd check out my blog too!
Kallie, But First Coffee Blog OR But First Coffee on Bloglovin

Tarsha @ SouthernGirl. CitySwirl said...

I LOVE Breaking Bad and can't wait for the final season next month!!!

I also started watching Orange is the New Black which is a NetFlix series. All of my peeps have been raving about it so I need to see what the hype is about.

Karen M. Peterson said...

I've been watching Whodunnit too. Totally cheesy, but silly and fun.

And yay! Finally on the Breaking Bad bandwagon! I knew you'd love that show.

Unknown said...

I loved Friday Night Lights! It's such an awesome show. Tim Riggins is an onion!

Christina said...

I forgot all about Whose Line! I'm gonna record it. Are you watching Hollywood Game Night? I watched the first two eps last night and it's so funny! Celebs playing games about celebs. It's right up our alley! I need to watch Breaking Bad and Friday Night Lights too. I want to watch BB with Jacob, but he watches tv too slow. I can't handle that.

Heather T. said...

I love "Big Brother" though I don't really like many cast members this season. I think this is one of the worst groups they've ever had, but there's still a chance for the season to redeem itself. I want Andy to actually start playing the game.

Also, I used to be friends with Scott Porter, who is in the first season of "Friday Night Lights" - such a great show, love Kyle CHandler!

Other shows I would recommend going off the shows you watch - "Shameless," "Suits," and "Scandal." (and it's alliteration :-P)