August 12, 2013

2013 Teen Choice Awards Fashion
The Guys

I finally rounded up some pictures of the guys.

To my surprise, they all look better than the ladies.

Well, they all look better aside from Nelly.

Ian Somerhalder
Me likey the leather pants.

Nelly, you high, right?

Matthew Morrison
He looks like he's wearing his dad's clothes.

Ed Sheeran
Um, at least he's on trend with his chambray shirt.

Ian Harding
He's a little under dressed, but that's ok.
Mr. Fitz can do no wrong.

Chord Overstreet
He looks like he came straight off the J.Crew runway.
And I don't hate it!

Alexander Koch
I guess this is ok.

Avan Jogia
I like his clothes, but he really needs to shave his face.
He looks like Zorro.

Keegan Allen
This is a nice enough suit.

Skylar Astin
I don't know that I love the shoes, but at least they aren't boring.

Nick Wechsler
I think this would have been better without the jacket.
It is August.

Jean-Luc Bilodeau
I don't know who he is, but he's pretty.

So, who's your favorite TCA hunk?

images via Go Fug Yourself


Meghan said...

I had no idea Ed Sheeran was so...frumpy? I'd say my favorite is Mr. Fitz:)

Whitney Alison said...

Mr. Fitz...yes please.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Not only is Nelly tragically dressed... his head was also tragically placed when I first looked at it I was thinking the THE EFF is on his head?

Ian is about the only one I think looks attractive, and I'm not a Vampire Diaries fan but he's very, very attractive.

Christina said...

Love your comment about Ed Sheeran! I think Ian's arms deserve their own post. My favorites are Chord, Keegan and Skylar, because I just love him so much, ugly shoes or not. I also love Jean-Luc!

nikkinicolealison said...

They shouldn't have the people stand in front of the black logo. I thought Nelly was wearing some sort of crown shaped hat!