August 12, 2013

2013 Teen Choice Awards Fashion
The Girls

I know there were guys at the TCAs, but there aren't any pictures of them.

We really only care about the ladies anyway.

Lucy Hale
She looks cute. The outfit is fun.
Something seems off though. Maybe the shoes?

Selena Gomez
A lot of people are loving this. I do not.
The bust and length are weird.

Shay Mitchell
I have a girl crush on Shay.
She's so gorgeous.
I don't love her pantsuit though. It's just ok.

Nina Dobrev
This I like.
It's fun and different.

Demi Lovato
I always feel like she's trying too hard to be punk rock.

Ashley Benson
This misses the mark.
I like the coral heels though.

Bella Thorne
Sleeves and palm trees? Really?

Crystal Reed
This could have worked with colorful pumps.

Kat Graham
This is tame for Kat.
And boring...

Abigail Breslin
She's a teen at a teen awards show.
This is just all wrong.

Janel Parrish
I don't love the dress, but the shoes really ruin it.

Troian Bellisario
This looks like a low-key wedding dress.

Sasha Pieterse
A tube top and harem pants?
Is it one piece or two?
Either way, NO!

Anna Camp
Is she getting married in Vegas?
Or is she an ice dancer?

Brittany Snow
One Word: Lettuce

Hayley Williams
This is pretty normal for Hayley, but...
She should know none of it works.

Carly Chaikin
I really love this dress.
I just don't think it works on her.
Maybe on a brunette...
The whole look is just too monochromatic.

Lily Collins
I'm not digging her hair at all.
The dress is ok, but doesn't fit the event.

Michelle Rodriguez
The styling's all wrong.

Chloƫ Moretz
I'm not in love, but it's not horrible.
It's different and it fits.

Kerry Washington
It's cute and fun.
But does it work on a thirty-six year old?

Jordin Sparks
I really like this except for the high neck.
Was that really necessary?

Maddie Hasson
The dress isn't event appropriate at all.

Hailee Steinfeld
The shape of the dress is just weird.
And it would have looked better with nude heels.

images via People & US Weekly


Whitney Alison said...

I feel like...the fashion was just kind of bad overall. I know for a lot of stars they chose this red carpet to showcase a more personal style...but maybe they shouldn't. Even in the better outfits one component was just off or missing. Eeek, I had to stop watching.

Stephanie said...

It was just weird for fashion, so many misses. I love the slit idea Selena was going for but she should have gone floor length or something, it looks so off where it stops.

Anonymous said...

The fashion didn't really excite me last night. I always look forward to award shows for the dresses and I was slightly disappointed.
xx. McKenna Lou

Unknown said...

Nina never fails to impress ... she is always a favorite of mine.
What is up with everyone else? Stylists need to be fired! And do these celebs actually think they look camera-worthy? Yikes! They all need new mirrors.

Cece @Mahogany Drive said...

Wow. There were some really bad outfits. Michelle Rodriguez looks like she rolled out of bed. Didn't even recognize Abigail Breslin with the blonde hair. The only outfit I like out of all of them is Carly Chaikin. I Have no clue who that is but I'd wear that dress.

Kelly Louise said...

what a disaster most of those are. awful.
and i totally agree with you about Demi, it's annoying really

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I don't love Selena's dress but her make-up and hair look wonderful.

I saw Nina and all I could say was BOOBS! Yes I'm a 14 year old boy.

Demi... it's time to do your roots girl.

To be fair Bella knew the sun was still going to be out, she was worried bout getting burned. she's far too fair to sit in the direct light on a "green" carpet.

Anna Camp... the eff? She is totally and ice dancer. This is so sad, she always looks amazing on True Blood.

Brittany NO.

Is Hayley wearing panty hoes? Or is that her natural skin color??? She is trying too hard IMO.

Lily stood in the wrong spot too - she and Nelly have the same tiara on.

Chloe, it works for her.

Kerry - I don't think it works on anyone. That's two steps away from a bedazzled cat sweater.

Maddie went shopping at Zooey's house. gag!

Hailee is a few weeks too late for July 4th.
And why are the fireworks on her boobs messed up? Haha boobs!

Christina said...

I really like Selena's hair and makeup, but her dress is weird. I also LOVE Shay. She's my favorite PLL! I think she looks great. So does Nina, Brittany, Carly and Kerry, as always. Lily looks so weird. I hate that print. The fashion was way off that night!