September 23, 2013

2013 Emmy Fashion
Black, White + Weird

She's really pretty.
I don't hate the dress.
Maybe if it were another color...

It's the Emmys, not a toga party.

This totally misses the mark, and the shoes make it even worse.

You know I love me some chevron, but not on a red carpet gown.
The hair's all wrong for this type of dress too.

I really like this a lot.
It suits her perfectly.

I don't typically like Elisabeth's red carpet looks.
I have to give it to her this time.
She looks fabulous!

I like this dress.
I'm just not sure I like it on an 18-year-old.

1. It's unlined from the thigh down. Why?
2. I don't like the print.

It's different.
It's kind of out there.
It almost works.
The silver bag is really throwing me off though.

Part of me thinks Lena dresses bad on purpose.
And matching eye shadow?
No. Just no.

It looks like she has an ink stained towel wrapped around her body.

Where to begin...
Her hair looks awful.
The dress is a horrible color.
And then she put on some coral lipstick.
Why Anna? Why?!

The dress looks very space age, and it makes her head look huge.
Take from that what you will.

Why are her boobs wearing a sleep mask?

This style of dress has been so played out.

images via People & InStyle


Unknown said...

Whoa... just... I don't even know what to say about most of these! But I do agree about Lena Dunham.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Emilia Clarke - I just can't adjust to her hair brown after all the time seeing her on Thrones w/ that blonde hair and her eyebrows are almost too full for my liking. They've bugged me since last season on the show too. Where they try to make them lighter and less noticeable. I like the dress, I think? Still stuck on the hair.

I love Anna Gunn's dress. I think she's a lovely woman, and is it just me or is she just a bit too sexy for a man like Walter White? (No spoilers I haven't made it past Episode 1 of Season 3).

Elisabeth Moss - I hate her blonde, there I said it. I like Peggy's hair color on her better.. I totally get sucked into their characters... lol I like her dress though, for the most part.

Leslie Mann - I sort of like that the dress wasn't lined all the way down - AND that the cut of the lining goes with the pattern. Not sure if it's Emmy worthy but I do like it.

Did Betsy steal that dress from her local wedding store? ;)

Lena... we get it you're quirky... but this is not working.

Julianna got the toga memo too.

Dear Anna - WTF??? It might have worked with different hair, maybe? Not sure... not loving it at all. Guess she was hoping Dancing with the Stars would get the hint.

I think Paula and Betsy went stopping together. Yuck.

Zosia - WTF? Did you and Lena get dressed together, in the dark on acid??? SUCH an amazing show and this is what they wear... Thank goodness Miss WIlliams is helping the fashion curve for that show!

Karen M. Peterson said...

It looks like Paula's head was photoshopped onto someone else's body. Who knew a dress could do that??

Meghan said...

Anna Gunn was total perfection - and I am SO glad she won! But I agree with you about Lena. I think she totally looks like a trainwreck all of the time just for press.

Christina said...

I really liked Anna, Elisabeth, Malin, and even Leslie. Lena totally dresses bad on purpose and she ALWAYS looks terrible. And yeah, why is Zosia wearing a sleep mask on her boobs? Hahaha!