September 23, 2013

2013 Emmy Fashion
Color Me Impressed

The beginning of fall always brings the beginning of awards season. I'm totally ecstatic about both. If I'm being honest, I fast forwarded through most of the Emmys last night. With the finale of Dexter and almost finale of Breaking Bad, I didn't have a lot of time. I did watch all of E's red carpet coverage though. I was extremely pleased with last night's fashion. A lot of women stepped out of their comfort zone. I'm hoping this means a great red carpet season is upon is.

Color was everywhere. Let's take a look at the blues, greens and purples of the evening.

She looks pretty. The color is pretty.
Maybe if the belt and clutch were a different material or color...

The color and print are fine, but I am so over strapless mermaid dresses.

I like the colors, but not the material.

I love that she's in a bright blue.
The fit is great.

She has a great figure, but this dress gives her no shape.

Even though I like the color, I feel like the dress is wearing her.
I do love her jewels though.

There's nothing new here.

It's not a great fit, and it's too much dress.
I'm not digging her hair either.

I love the color and the belt.
I just wish the skirt weren't so big.

I don't have one specific reason. I just don't like this.

I love brunettes in green.
I love so much about this, especially her jewels.
But... I think it would have looked better without the lace.
She's 22. It ages her.

I love her hair and bright lips.
This cut is all wrong for her though.
And I wouldn't have picked this color.

The dress would have been so much better without the embellishments.
She looks like a Christmas tree.
She looks pretty though.

images via People & InStyle


Unknown said...

I couldn't agree more!

Alyson Hannigan's dress looks like the worst kind of 80s bridemaid's dress.

Sarah Hyland is only 22, eep!? She looks so much older in that dress.

Way too much dress on Giuliana Rancic.

Cece @Mahogany Drive said...

I haven't seen MAYIM BIALIK in forever. I loved Blossom back in the day.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Emily looks nice but I don't' like the dress really at all. Maybe it's the material, maybe you're right. And those earrings.. no, no, no.

G's dress - agreed, over the cut. And I look good in that cut.

Tina... knock out. Love it.

Edie - can I just say I HATE the cut of the arms, on me... dresses and tanks like this show off one thing, my arm pit fat roll... not cute. SHE can wear it, I can not.

Alyson's look makes me sad, she's SUCH a cutie. But this is not cute.

Carrie looks strange in long dresses to me... I don't like it at all.

I feel like who ever dresses Mindy NEVER gets it right, even on her show.

Sarah is definitely aged by that dress - but it IS a pretty dress.

I have to say for Mayim, it's a pretty good fit, but yes, she's ready to deck the halls for sure.

Christina said...

Tina looked so good! I didn't really like the rest of these. Allison's dress made her look like an old lady in Florida. Carrie's dress reminded me too much of that one she wore on stage with movies projected onto it. I like the color though. I can't believe how cute Anna Chlumsky is! Not really in that dress, just in general. I had no idea she was on TV!