September 23, 2013

2013 Emmy Fashion
Best Dressed

ROSE BYRNE in Calvin Klein
This is the perfect shade of pink for her.
Her hair, makeup and accessories are perfect.
Who knew a crop top and skirt could work on the red carpet?

LAURA DERN in Naeem Khan
I love love love this dress.
Is it bad that I wish someone else were wearing it?

This is exactly how you make a simple dress work.
I love the blue.
I love the gold bracelets.
Her hair and makeup look effortless.
It's very Jennifer Aniston, no?

CHRISTINA HENDRICKS in Christian Siriano
Like Sofia Vergara, Christina knows what works for her body type.
This is such a gorgeous gown.
It hugs her figure in all the right places.
Great hair, green jewels, bright lip... YES!

HEIDI KLUM in Versace
I'm actually kind of surprised I like this so much.
It's such a pretty color.
I love the unusual neckline.
And Heidi looks smashing!

KALEY CUOCO in Vera Wang
I typically don't like what Kaley wears, but I love this.
Her whole head-to-toe look is fab.
The dress is a great color.
Vera can do no wrong.

AUBREY PLAZA in Marios Schwab
This one has a high neck with flowers and long sleeves.
And guess what?
I don't hate it!
It's pretty.
It stands out.
It's not too out there.
Mad respect.

CLAIRE DANES in Armani Prive
This is another dress I went back and forth on.
In the end, I decided it was just too pretty to overlook.
And more power to her for wearing it even though she doesn't have big tatas.

images via People & InStyle


Allena said...

So several of your bests are my worsts, ha!

Claire's dress was pretty and needed to be worn by someone with small ta-tas. But she looked bad in it. It was too big for her and I hated her hair and make-up.

Aubrey's dress was weird. Like she went to Hobby Lobby, got some dodads and glued them on. I saw a picture of how it looked on the runway and it was much better. They tweaked it in bad ways.

I loved Laura Dern's dress but agree about wishing someone else had worn it, loved Allison Williams (especially compared to her co-stars), agree on Christina and Kaley.

I like Heidi's dress EXCEPT for the choker. Had it been smaller I think I would have liked it but it overwhelmed her.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I love Allison Williams look - she is amazingly pretty.

FINALLY Christina Hendricks' team gets it right. Very lovely on her.

I really like Aubrey's dress - it works for her. I could also see Zooey wearing this and working it.

I think Claires dress is pretty but I don't love it on her.

Whitney Alison said...

Christina was fab, except the hair didn't do it for me. It felt costumey. Kaley is usually just such a mess...I think she got a new stylist because I LOVE that.

Clair looks fab, I just wish it had been tailored a little better. You don't need bigger boobies, you just need impeccable tailoring.

Mrs. Match said...

Kaley looks amazing! The rest are kind of odd to me.

Karly Kim said...

Allison Williams.. perfection!

Karen M. Peterson said...

It's a miracle! Christina Hendricks doesn't look like she's all boobs for once.

Christina said...

I didn't like Claire's at all. I did love Kaley, Aubrey, Allison and Rose though!