October 21, 2013

Football + Minecraft
go together like...

Sometimes, when you're running short of time, you let pictures tell the story.

lunch with the birthday boy at school

shenanigans at Chuck E. Cheese's

Junior Varsity Champions

football family

DIY Minecraft party by moi

DIY Minecraft cake by my mother-in-law


Pleas(e) and Carrots said...

Such a cute party! My little brother is SO into mine craft!

Karly Kim said...

This is everything a kids party should be! xoxo

KatyK said...

I love your Minecraft party! I know kids are obsessed with it. We can't stop talking about it and stocking it at work. Thankfully Boomer doesn't care about it much or I'd need to know how that cake was made :)

Karen M. Peterson said...

What a cute party! Looks like the birthday boy had a lot of fun!

Christina said...

Great party! I don't know much about Minecraft except that my 8 year old brother is obsessed. He would love this. I really love your family photo and the color coordinated pink. :)

Bekah McDuffie said...

The minecraft party is so cute! The kids I nanny are obsessed!!!

Precious family pic, btw!