November 08, 2013

This post is brought to you
by Prednisone.

Every year about this time, I get really sick. My nose gets stuffy. My throat gets scratchy. I cough a lot. I can't breathe. I'm lethargic and irritable. The same exact thing happens in the spring too. It's been clear for years that I have severe seasonal allergies. What hasn't been clear is whether or not I have asthma due to allergies. This past week, I finally had a nurse practitioner listen to me. I left the doctor's office with five prescriptions including steroids {prednisone}, an inhaler {albuterol} and a strong cough syrup {codeine}. I don't feel better yet, but I do feel HIGH and BITCHY.

I don't like my new job... nope, not even a little bit.

I finally wore out my name brand UGGs, so I bought some fake ones. They are really comfy and warm. I don't care how ugly you think they are. I'm going to wear them all the days of winter with leggings, leggings as pants.

If there's one thing I hate, it's a know-it-all. Do you really have to add your two cents to a topic even when you know absolutely nothing about it? One of these days, I'm going to tell you to STFU. Really, I am!

Bloggers, please remember:
Commas are important.


Lindsey said...

Oh no! Feel better! Prednisone always makes me feel like crap? Is it the pack where you take 6 on day one, 5 on day two, and so on? I have really bad asthma and allergies and I am usually on a pack or two every winter. :(

Christina said...

You know I know aaaaall about Predisone. It's miserable!!! I'm glad you finally got a diagnoses. Hopefully you'll be feeling better soon and can beat the allergy problem before it comes around next time. I'm sorry about your job. That can't be making life any easier.

Natalie said...

I love you even if you are a raging bitch filled with steroids. Maybe even more so.

Brass Honey said...

Feel better soon Misty!!! And what do you know, I'm in the I hate my job support group :)

Whitney Alison said...

Oh girl. I hope you feel better soon. Being sicky makes bitchy even worse. However, here is to medical professionals that listen!