November 07, 2013

Welcoming Joules to the US

Joules is one of the best-selling clothing brands for families in the UK. They've been crafting high quality apparel for thirty years. Now, Joules has come to the States. When given the chance to review their website and clothing, there's one thing that immediately stood out to me. Joules loves color! Here are some of the fun pieces I'm loving for my kiddos.

How cute are these girls' polos?

When it rained on Halloween, it made me realize my kids really need some rain boots.
I love these boys' wellies.

They also have clothing for mom, dad and babies too!

Be sure to visit the Joules US website to see
more of their fun clothing, shoes and accessories for the whole family.

1 comment:

Christina said...

So cute! But expensive. It's hard for me to justify those prices for kids clothes. They just get ketchup everywhere anyway. Ha!