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January 13, 2014

2014 Golden Globes Fashion; Bump Hugger

You're dating Johnny Depp.
Step it up, girlfriend. I'm bored.

I think the dress is too casual for the Globes.
I also don't like it with her new short hair.

Helen Mirren looks perfect.
68 and fabulous!

Once again, I think this would look better on someone younger.
It's not because she doesn't look great or needs to cover up.
It just doesn't work for me on her.

There are no words.

Leslie is always one of my favorites.
I like this a lot on her.

I love her in green.
I also love that she wore a bump hugging gown.
This is how you do red carpet maternity.

I love the color, but the rest is all wrong.

I'm obsessed with Taylor and Orange Is the New Black.
This color looks great on her, and she looks so pretty!


Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Amber - I love that color, but I agree. Work it better!

Kristen - she lopped off her hair? Ugh.. no! She always had such lovely hair.

Helen - lovely, absolutely lovely.

Kyra - sort of love seeing her natural hair again. Makes me want to go home and watch Singles.

Lena - this is not her worst look - well she looks OK in this photo but she hunches over so much. I adore her, but fashionista she is not.

Leslie - MEGA GIRL CRUSH - love this, love her!

Olivia - Perfect bump outfit. Even if she drives me nuts and stole my hollywood man ;)

Sarah - adorable but not sure I love it.

Taylor - looks amazing. GREEN IS AWESOME!

nikkinicolealison said...

I have to disagree. I'm not a bump hugging dress fan. There is a way to dress fashionably and show off the baby bump without looking like you're wrapped in a sausage casing. She does look wonderful though. I prefer Drew's dress from the PCA's.

Karen M. Peterson said...

Helen Mirren ALWAYS gets it right.

Lena Dunham ALWAYS gets it wrong.

Christina said...

I didn't really like any of these. So bright and springy! I think Helen looked great though and I agree about Olivia's bump-friendly dress.

simone antoniazzi said...

Helen Mirren looked gorgeous, I always love her make-up too, she looks radiant every time.

Lena whateverhernameis...ridiculous!! Yellow??!!