January 13, 2014

2014 Golden Globes Fashion
She's Crafty

This year's Golden Globes were entertaining and full of great fashion. There were a few bad dresses, but most everyone brought their A-game.

It doesn't really matter what you wear when you're this pretty.
Even though it's not my favorite, she still rocks it.

I like this a lot. She looks great.

This looks like a dress she already wore in green.

I don't like this. It's so severe.

I often love what she wears. This isn't working though.
I don't think black is her color. I also don't like the helmet hair.

It's not bad. I'm just over this style dress.
And why not go for something more fun when you're 22?

I still hate her hair, but she looks fierce.

It looks like someone hot glued gold lamé onto a plain black dress.

Her dress looks like a craft project too.

I don't personally care for head-to-toe lace, but this is gorgeous.
She had great earrings too.
She was so close to making my best dressed list.


Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Sofia looks awesome - I love the necklace and while the dress is safe, it's a bit different than what I'm used to seeing her in.

Amy Poehler - nailing it!

Mayim looks odd - I like the dress but it's just strange to see her in non-geek or non-blossom attire.

I feel like Uma raided someone's closet in the 80's and this is what she came out with, and not in a good 80's chic way.

Jessica - yes, what is with the helmet hair? Kelly Osborne went for that "wet look'" and I hate it.

Emma - her dress looks like what Sofia would wear, and it would be more appropriate on Sofia.

Kelly looks amazing - the make-up the dress but that hair. I mean I didn't know you could just get out of the shower get dressed and go for a red carpet event???

Jullianna - yes, agreed 100%

Melissa - I don't get it... but I love her clutch.

Cate - lovely, absolutely lovely!

Can't wait to

Whitney Alison said...

AMY LOOKS AMAZEBALLS. Emma looks great too, but I would have loved this with more color, or a print...something to liven it up because you're right she's only 22. Cate looks gorgeous. Like royalty.

Carly said...

I LOVED Cate Blanchett's dress! I think it so easily could have been too much or looked really stuffy but it was perfect-- she was on my list of best dressed for the night :)

I also actually really like Jessica Chastain's dress but I agree- I don't love it on her for some reason! I think it could have worked really well on someone else possibly!

Carly | CBH

Karen M. Peterson said...

I think Cate looks amazing.

What is the deal with Jessica's hair? It looks like she forgot to finish brushing it.

Christina said...

I really like Sophia's lighter hair color. I loved Amy, Kelly and especially Cate! I don't think I've ever liked the way Jessica Chastain has styled her hair. It always looks weird.