January 13, 2014

2014 Golden Globes Fashion
That Odd Length

It's a pretty dress ruined by its odd length.

This isn't perfect by any means, but she gets the award for most improved.
I usually hate what she wears with a fiery passion.
This is tolerable.

I adore this on her.
I think it would have been perfect if it had gone all the way to the floor.
I do love the shoes though.

I don't like the styling, but the dress is GORGEOUS!

I always like her dresses, but never think they look right on her.
Maybe if her hair were up?

I don't like the shape or colors.
It's just too much.

She's on most best dressed lists.
I think the dress would look better against darker skin.

I'll admit to liking it when I first saw her on tv.
I'm pretty sure I hate it now.

She was the biggest disappointment of the night for me.
I don't like this at all.

She's been killing it lately, but this dress doesn't work for me.
She looks beautiful though.

Speaking of killing it, Swifty has been looking pretty spectactular on red carpets lately.
I love this on her.


Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I love your fashion award show posts!!! They make my day!

Michelle - so odd... and if I'm seeing your shoes, wow me!

Sarah - the dress looks very delicate. I sort of like it but the pale color washers her out.

This look totally works for Zooey. I like the spikes on the top and her shoes.

I think you hit the nail on the head with Laura Dern, her hair is sort of competing with the dress.

While I don't love Aubrey's look, I just adore her. So I will give her pass on this. ;)

That dress does seem odd on Emilia. It looks almost like it's one solid thing of plastic in that photo, as if it would all move together and instead of swaying.

Kaley - I sort of love this dress, it's very Sarah Jessica Parker. I feel like her hair is not working with it though.

Mila, dear, sweet Mila. I don't love this at all. Maybe if the top just went up around her neck vs. having all that ruffle looking business? Not sure.

Sandra's dress does not work but the hair and make-up, LOVE!!!!

Taylor looks amazing. I'm happy to see her looking more sophisticated, I mean to say that as in she's made a great transition from teen star to dressing like a lady on the red carpet.

Bekah McDuffie said...

I normally look forward to
Michelle for all red carpet looks, but the shoes are boring and that cut is weird. Taylor is so tall and bony I love that she can pull off such a heavy look, I just love her though. #biased

Kelly said...

TSwift was amazing and I am glad we agree, Emilia - not one of my favorites and I WILL NOT be peer pressured into the saying so! :)

xx Kelly
Sparkles and Shoes

nikkinicolealison said...

Emilia Clark is one of the most beautiful women on the planet. I think she looked stunning.

Taylor has been KILLING it. Love the classic hair. SHe's definitely all grown up.

Sarah Paulson? *gAG* I HATED it.

I also hated Mila's, Sandra's etc. I am with you. Michelle Dockery and Zooey's dresses would have been stunning without that weird front thing!

Karen M. Peterson said...

I don't know what was up with Sandra's dress. When I saw just the top I thought I liked it...and then I saw the rest.

Christina said...

That short high-low length is really weird! I agree with you on Michelle, Madison and Taylor, but I hate Zooey's look.

Unknown said...

I so agree...with everything!

Kaley Cuoco, ugh, that dress is hideous.

Michelle Dockery....the length is all wrong & the dress is dull.

Taylor Swift looks great.

Sandra B....gorgeous but the dress is just not nice.

Mila K - usually so great on the red carpet but I agree this one was disappointing.