January 13, 2014

2014 Golden Globes Fashion
Why Palm Trees?

I don't like any of it.

If you didn't already know, Margot is in The Wolf of Wall Street.
She's ridiculously attractive and looked flawless last night.

This dress ages her.

This is the worst.
She couldn't even walk in it.

This could have worked as a plain white dress.

I don't like the dress at all.
It's the wrong color too. She looks so washed out.

It's not my favorite maternity gown, but it's Kerry Washington.
Everything works on Kerry Washington.
I mean, just look at her. FLAWLESS.

It's pretty, but she wears this style so often.
Shake it up, Naomi.


Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Kate - looks like she's from outer space.

Margot - really liking this!!!

Zosia - The dress does age her a bit but I think it's a step up from some of the strange stuff she usually wears. I like the details.

Paula - this reminds me of Peaches n' Cream barbie with that ruffle boa... not in a good way.

Rashida - she's another chick I love and will give a pass, she is a bit quirky, but I agree I think the plain would have been fine. In non related news, I want her bangs!

Anna Gunn looks washed out but I will say she looks radiant all the same. She's such a looker. SKYLER FOREVER!

Kerry Washington - she may not be as far along as Drew, but she's rocking the red carpet pregnant fashion much better IMO. She looks cute and always amazingly pretty.

Naomi - agreed.

Bekah McDuffie said...

Margot looks stunning but when she was presenting it was like BUTT CRACK CITY! Annoyed me, but eh what do I know...

nikkinicolealison said...

DId Kate Mara not even hire a hair person? Because that is how my hair would look if I tried to put it up myself.
HATE the dress. It probably would've looked OK on someone with a smaller boob so that they wouldn't look all squishy.
And Kaley ... sweetie ... I hate the bodice on that gown. I don't even give the flowers another thought after the bodice. Those top pieces with the boob outlines should be reserved for people like Sofia Vergara. OK, maybe not that much boob but still ... UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karen M. Peterson said...

Paula's dress was awful.

Christina said...

I love Margot Robbie! She's amazing! Kerry looked great too. I love that she's always in white!

Unknown said...

Margot Robbie looked flawless in that dress.

Paula Patton looked RIDICULOUS, that ruffle, what was she thinking?!

Kate Mara....that dress is awful, nothing nice about it at all.