January 27, 2014

2014 Grammy Awards Fashion
Make Me Your Aphrodite

The Grammys were last night. I always enjoy the show because I love music. Do you want to know what bugs me? People who don't understand music bug me. If you only listen to one genre, maybe the Grammys aren't your thing. Don't tweet and Facebook your hate for artists who win simply because you don't know anything about them. A lot of people were talking bad about Daft Punk. If you can talk to me about their album and then say you don't like them them, that's fine. Otherwise, shut your piehole.

The dress is hideous.
The shoes and clutch aren't great either.

I love her hair and makeup.
I don't love the dress and shoes.

Is it green?
Is it gold?
Either way, I don't like it.

It's not my favorite, but she looks great.
And it's better than what she normally wears.

She looks like a piece of candy.

The hair..
The dress..

Even though she's showing skin, I'm bored.

The high neck and that hair...

This dress looked really pretty on tv.
It was a safe choice though.

She's so pretty, and I like her.

This is how you do glam maternity.
She looks gorgeous.

I love Pink, but this dress doesn't suit her.

Great dress. Great color.

I don't care that she's wearing a suit.
It could have been a lot worse.

Next time, skip the tights and choose better shoes.

This is a great color for her.
And her makeup looks perfect.

This is a great color too.
It's not a great shape though.

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Carly said...

I missed the grammys but I was waiting for your fashion recap! It seems like a loooot of misses! I don't even like Taylor Swift but I felt like she was definitely one of the best dressed of the night!

Kenzie @ Life in the Sunshine said...

Chrissy's dress was the only one I like. Although, I will admit that Ciara hit pregnancy glam right on the head. I just can't get over the print of the dress and the long sleeves, just ain't doing it for me.
I wish Anna would of chosen a different dress, because her makeup and hair were killer!

Karen M. Peterson said...

In my defense, I've heard a couple of songs on Daft Punk's album and I don't particularly love any of them. But I don't hate them either. I just think they're okay.

Christina said...

I agree with you. So much trash talking last night on twitter. Just don't watch! I love Daft Punk's album, but I was rooting for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Still, it was well deserved. I'm pretty happy with the other results though.

The fashion was all over the place! I liked Taylor, Beyonce, and Chrissy the best. Miranda looked amazing! Madonna's face looked like a Guy Fawkes mask. Haha!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

We started to watch the Grammy's last night at the In Law's house and you would have thought I was making Mike watch a documentary on something completely horrible. He just looked SO miserable. Meanwhile my father-in-law and myself were objectively critiquing clothing, and performances. I had never heard Lorde, and while she was strange I loved the song. Correction I have heard the song but didn't know it was her, that's a better way to put it. I thought Beyonce did OK but felt like it's been done, when Jay Z came out I was like GAME ON! We only watched until Hunter whatever his name is came on. I was into it. I don't usually watch but it was interesting.

Sara - I think I might like the dress if it was all floor length.

Sarah H - while I don't love the dress it is age appropriate to me, so that works. She's so adorable.

Rita - no... just. no.

Anna looked great, not a huge fan of the shirt but if I had side boob like that I'd show it off too! ;)

Kacy's dress looked like it was made of plastic on tv when she lost to Macklemore, I really thought it was plastic and thought - she went shopping in Lady Gaga's closet.

Katie... um - the hell? Her make-up is lovely.

Beyonce - interesting but I feel like it's been done before and girl we GET IT you look amazing after having a baby and getting back on the promotional wagon... not loving the hair. It looked better wet on stage.

Paris - why is she even still around?

Taylor - looks lovely, adult, and proper - I hope if she goes to the MTV awards she gets a bit crazy with her looks.

Chrissy - that is lovely. Very cool!

Ciara - if you hadn't told me she was pregnant I might not have noticed. Very lovely.

Pink - while I love the dress and she looks pretty you're right it just isn't 100% her.

Miranda - *slow clap* she looks amazing!!! FINALLY someone helped her get dressed and did it right!

Madonna - maybe her new thing is NOT pushing the envelope that much? It's nice and all but I think that Diane Keeton would have rocked it better! ;)

Arianna - ZOMG the tights and shoes... ????

G looks stunning - I love that dress!

Alicia - wow, work it!

Unknown said...

I'm still not even sure who Kacey Musgraves is. I didn't see her on the red carpet, but the dress she wore while performing looked like a lampshade. Haha!

Allena said...

I read that Sara Bareilles only tried on one dress and I thought 'well, that's unfortuate.' Agree on Sarah Hyland - she never quite gets it right but looks cute trying. You can tell Anna Kendrick has not had a baby by viewing her side boob. Otherwise, you know my rule - no side boob. ;) I was surprised by Kacey Musgraves outfit - I've seen her perform life (she is really talented - played several instruments, wrote all her own songs) but she's much more 'chill' than this dress (or her stage costume) suggest and I think this looks awkward on her. I wish she'd worn something truer to her personality. Love her or hate her, Taylor Swift is just gorgeous. I also loved what she wore to perform in. Maybe if Pink's dress had been short? She has some badass thighs... Madonna looks like she has had some majorly bad work done, no? I guess Alicia Keys' side boob looks okay. ;)