January 09, 2014

2014 People's Choice Awards Fashion

Awards season has officially kicked off for 2014.
Could I be anymore ecstatic?
I don't think so.

I think she looks great in white, but the dress is just ok.

I just can't with the boobs.
There's sexy cleavage, and then there's this.

Lucy is 24.
Th dress and pumps say 44.

I feel like she's worn something similar before, but...

I don't normally like dresses with weird train thingies, but this works.
Two thumbs up!

The dress looked better on tv.
And she's just so pretty!

This dress looked better on tv too.
I don't dig her dark lip though.

This look ages her.

It's like she's draped in wrapping paper.
I don't like it.

She looks great, head-to-toe.

I've given up on wondering how she still gets invited these events.
I do like this dress though. It's cute.

Shiny curtains!

I am so distracted by her shoes that I can't even tell you what I think of the dress.

The dress doesn't suit her.
Her shoes are bad too.

Another young, attractive woman dressed poorly...

I try to go easy on the pregnant ladies.
I'm sure she's comfortable, and it is very Drew.
Tip: Enhance the baby bump. Don't hide it under too much fabric.

Killin' it.

I didn't like the dress at first.
It grew on me.
It's pretty, simple and different.

She's always a stunner on the red carpet.
This is not my favorite dress though.
I did like it more when I saw her killer heels on stage.

I'm not sure why she was wearing this Golden Girls pantsuit.
It did not do her any favors.

I don't particarly like either of these dresses.

If you watched, did any of your favorites win?


Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Jessica looks lovely but I agree with you. It's OK - I always love when she WOW's me.

Malin - bless her. The BEWBIES are all wrong...

Lucy looks like she ran into Forever21 for her night out. Not that I have anything against forever21 but let's be real, it's a red carpet.

While I love me some Brit - she needs to give Poison Ivy back her get up. I hate it. And I'm going to get flamed for this I'm sure but her blonde is WAY too brassy.... unless that's what she wants. Vegas, baby.

Naya looks amazing. I'm not sure I love the dress but her hair and make-up... VA-VA-VOOM!

Sandra - love her, but she looks like she's headed to a tea party.

Queen - I would have loved to see the dress in action, here it's just dull. I sort of love her lips, but I'm smitten with dark lipstick.

SMG - I totally agree. Which makes me sad, I LOVE Sarah. LOVE HER!

Heidi - no thank you. It's like The queen from Once Upon a Time, a Mermaid and an angry husband trying to wrap a gift attacked her.

Allison - love it. Classy, sassy and appropriate all around!

Paris - I hate this chick, as you know and the dress is cute but I really feel like it's too youthful for her. Yes, I said it. I'd like to see the girl from Modern Family wearing this instead.

Melissa - I thought Clarissa explained this to you! It's so wrong.

Sara - her shoes ARE strange. I feel like Winona Rider needs this dress.

Marg - I don't like the shoes and I hate leather dresses - unless you are a rock star on stage I think that leather is really impractical. Even on stage it's stupid. Trust me I've worn faux leather pants to a club, it wasn't pretty. Picture Ross. It was totally me trying to pull up my pants after peeing.

Emily - meh. Looks like she was weeding through Zooey's closet.

Drew - I give her a pass because she's pregnant and the dress looks WAY better in this image. But I feel like with ALL the awesome designs for pregnant women, this is a poor one. HOWEVER the color is making her glow radiant so I will give her that.

Jennifer - Nailed it. I am so proud of her for doing all she's done, with all she's been through.

Allison Williams - I pretty much love most of what she wears. This color is stunning.

Nina - such an amazingly pretty woman. I feel like this is rather figure skater-esque though.

Anna - not loving it and her make-up with the Blanche outfit really isn't doing her any favors either. Chris - totally adorable, as always.

Kat - ugh she drives me nuts much like Zooey does with her fashion choices. But... at least they are original. Beth looks very happy and pretty - the dress is dull but her make-up makes her look vibrant.

Looks like my man Norman won - SWOON!!!
(Did walking dead win more? I didn't watch)

JT and Ellen - best suits! Love it!

Whitney Alison said...

I'm such a stalker because I LIVE for your recap posts.

SMG - agree...she's just looking old in general lately. I know she's got two little ones so I feel lit.

Nanya- She's been doing great on the red carpet lately. She's toned it down a bit.

Drew - no. I've been pregnant. Best believe I would NEVER have worn that.

Queen- she is really hit or miss lately. The dress is too drapey on the top, but you're right the lip kills.

Britney - team brit 4ever just like you...but you would think after like 15+ years in the biz homegirl would learn how to pose

claire said...

Kat- looks like she's going to prom

Melissa-Maybe it's the hemline, but that dress makes her look stumpy-but I love her hair and makeup

Marg-Love that dress, hate those shoes!

Allison-I want that dress!

Britney- I just love her!

And I love these posts!!!

Christina said...

There were some very odd choices in fashion last. Malin has such a great body. Who would ever let her wear that? SMG looked 50 years old. What's up with her hair? It looks grey. I loved Brit's look, but yeah, she does that same look often. Naya's dress would have been better without the train. Queen Latifah looked great on the show. I didn't realize how bad her dressed photographed. Melissa Joan Hart and Sara Bareilles both looked terrible! When Sara performed, I thought her hair looked like it needed to be washed. Drew seriously needed a bra or if she was wearing one, it needed much more support! I loved Allison and Nina the most.

Stephanie said...

Woof. I was really think Malin was the worst but then the shiny curtains on Melissa... yikes.
I feel like Buffy isn't aging well, that makes me sad. She looks WAY older than she actually is.

Kelly Louise said...

i thought naya was j-lo!

Jamee said...

I agree 100% with everything you said! I thought Lucy Hale looked amazing until I got to her ankles. The shoes do not match the look at all!

I totally have a girl crush on Sandy B so I thought she looked amazing & thought she deserved all the awards she received!

Allena said...

I laughed when I saw Malin and Drew and then read your comments because I thought the exact same thing. Malin's issue is she's had a kid. It changes your cleavage and you shouldn't show inner side boob because it's too saggy. There's a pic from a few years ago of Jennifer Hudson in an orange dress after she'd had her son and lost all that weight and I appreciated showing off her body but it was the inner side boob - NO!!!

And Drew - the dress looked like a giant sack! HUG the bump!!!

Karen said...

3 words for ya:

Norman Reedus HAWT!!!!