January 20, 2014

2014 SAG Awards Fashion
Best Dressed

KATRINA BOWDEN in Badgley Mischka
It's soft and hard.
It's black and gold.
It's sleek and bad ass.

When I first saw her on tv, I was all... OOH! AAH!
This dress is just so pretty and feminine.
Her hair and makeup are a perfect match.

Their looks compliment each other without being overdone.
I love that she went with a printed heel.

EMILIA CLARKE in Calvin Klein
What can I even say?
Emilia and this dress are stunning.

SOFIA VERGARA in Donna Karan
Sofia shows everyone how it's done.
She proves you can consistently be a red carpet knockout.

This girl is red carpet gold.
The dress and color are perfect.
I CANNOT WAIT to see what she wears to the Oscars.

ANNA GUNN, Best Accessory
I didn't feel one way or the other about her dress.
It's a great color, and the earrings are fab.
But did you see her clutch? Where can I get one?

I'm really digging the white on white look Michael and Jared are sportin'.
And that Bradley Cooper fella's not half bad.


Allena said...

Elisabeth Rohm was my pick for Best Dressed. I loved everything about it.

Stevie said...

i am not even sure who bowden is, but the black and gold steals the show for me. such a stunning, timeless look!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Katrina - love this look on her. I sort of wish her hair was up to show off the shoulders fully. I just watched her in a odd movie the other day Sex Drive - sort of teen / tween movie about a kid taking a road trip to lose his virginity - yes it's been done before coughROADTRIPcough but it was still sort of funny. Seth Green was in it, he's the main reason I watched it. Moving on...

Elisabeth - lovely! Where was this dress on my wedding day. I love it!!!!

Jason Bateman - I want to have your babies! Don't tell my husband. I love Amanda's shoes too - something fun with that calm dress.

Emilia's dress almost looks like liquid. Love this color on her with the dark hair. Even thought I want her blonde - :)

Sofia - nails it. I hope I look that amazing at her age. Wait maybe she is my age? Help!

When I saw the photos of Lupita I swooned - that color is phenomenal on her. I love the top. So pretty.

Anna - love the clutch and I like that she's wearing BLUE - SKYLAR's signature color! Boom!

Usually Jared does nothing for me but him in this suit with that hair... *panting*

Carly said...

I didn't watch but the first two + sofia are so stunning and perfect from head to toe!

Karen M. Peterson said...

I LOVED Lupita's dress. My younger sister thought it looked weird, but I thought she looked perfect. She was my choice for Best Dressed.

Christina said...

Yes, yes, yes to Lupita! She really does always look perfect.