January 24, 2014

Roses are red. Violets are blue.
Is it my birthday yet?

I don't think I've ever blogged about my disdain for Valentine's Day before.
It's not the actual holiday I hate.
It's the stupid, lame gifts that get shoved down our throat every year.

If I see this tagline one more time:
This Valentine's Day, give her what she really wants.

You want to know who came up with that?
A perverted man, that's who.

If you need an advertisement to tell you what your woman wants, you're already failing Relationship 101.

Let me tell you what most women don't want.

• Red roses
• Teddy bears
• Heart pendants

I hate red roses.
But red roses are so pretty!
No, really, they're not.
Red roses are EVERYWHERE.
Why not take a little extra time and pick different flowers?
I personally like bright and colorful gerbera daisies.
Or maybe spend your money on something that doesn't die in a week.

What the hell am I going to do with a teddy bear?
I'm either going to give it to my kids, or one of the dogs is going to end up ingesting it.
And no one wants to clean up fuzzy poop.

The heart pendants have to be the worst though.
Heart pendants under $99!
Heart pendants under $79!
Heart pendants under $49!
Heart pendants ONLY $29!
The closer it gets to V-Day, the cheaper they get.
All she wants for Valentine's Day is for her neck not to turn green.

I found several non-annoying Valentine's Day gifts at Personal Creations.
They have a great selection of personalized gifts for the whole family.

What says I love you more than booze, chevron + monograms?

doormat | wine glasses

valet | flask

mailbox | buckets

With a little time + effort, you too can find your loved one a great Valentine's Day gift.

And you don't have to break the bank to do it.

All of these items are less than $40!


Karen M. Peterson said...

If any guy gave me a teddy bear for Valentine's Day, it would be the end of the relationship.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I agree with all of this. Yes, I hate red roses. Hate them. I'd rather have fun flowers. And just give me chocolate, and booze and maybe something sweet. I love jewelry but warned the hubby don't EVER buy me one of those "Hearts of Love" necklaces that Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman pedals on tv. I don't want it, or anything heart shaped for that matter.

Again, I just want chocolate :)

TLF said...

You're so not a girl.
And I really love that door mat!

Cece @Mahogany Drive said...

I agree! A lot of that stuff is junk! Who wants it? The thought is sweet but I either want some candy that I can eat and not have it clutter my house or something I can actually use and enjoy later. Flowers that die are not worth the money in my book!!

Unknown said...

Diamonds work for me. Always.

Christina said...

Heart pendants are terrible!!! Same with teddy bears. Luckily Jacob is the worst and has never gotten either of those things for me. I do appreciate a big heart shaped box full of chocolates though. And all to myself so I can sample them all and not finish the other half of the gross ones.

Whitney Alison said...

I feel like unless you just met me, you should know that roses aren't my thing. You will get way more out of lilies, or gerbera daisies. Teddy bears were cool when I was in highschool, and heart pendants? NEVER.

Mrs. Match said...

Lol, ah.the.cheesiness of Valentine's day. it's a holiday for teenage girls, because no one else wants the heart jewelry. I like unique flowers, not a big roses gal, plus the red ones don't smell nearly as good as the other colors. I definitely prefer it when my husband is romantic because he feels like it, not for some silly made up holiday!