February 13, 2014

Easy DIY Minecraft
+ Fox Valentine Printables

This past Sunday, I had a craft date with the bestie. She was a doll and printed out Valentines for my kiddos. She also let me use all of her craft supplies. All I had to do was buy the candy. Score!

We had lunch. We bought random crap we didn't need at Dollar Tree. We talked. We laughed. We crafted. A day with my best girlfriend was exactly what I needed.

♥ quick, easy + affordable ♥

minecraft | fox

My kids are going to have the coolest Valentines in their class.


Mrs. M said...

Those are awesome! Eli would have loved those minecraft valentines!!

KelTempel said...
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Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

You are such a good mommy!!! The kids are going to FLIP over these in the classroom!!! My little sister-in-law would lose her mind over the Mindcraft cards!!!

TLF said...

Love these so much.. Love Pinterest.. Love free.. Had a blast!!

Christina said...

Cute valentines! I didn't feel up for making Nolan's valentine's this year, so he picked out some weird animal glasses cards at Target and I literally stapled fruit snacks to them. I'm the worst!

I'm glad you two had a good day!!