February 27, 2014

Lauren Conrad for Kohl's
Spring 2014

Lauren Conrad brings us more great fashion with her LC by Lauren Conrad line for Kohl's. Her 2014 Spring Collection is once again both fun and feminine. Also, how pretty is she? Hashtag jealous.

Every year I say I'm going to try on some of her blazers and skinnies.

This year I'm really going to do it.

PS - I really wish my hair looked that great in a ponytail.

images via Kohl's


Christina said...

Everything is soooo cute. I am really into floral lately. I'm surprised that some of it looks exactly like what I wore in elementary school and I still like it!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

FYI her blazers are awesome. I purchased one for my rehearsal dinner - it has cropped sleeves so I don't get a ton of use out of it- and currently my chi chis are too big for it (read I gained weight) but it's well made and I can't wait to fit into it again.

I like that her clothing is not only fashion forward but also staple pieces. Most of the items I've purchased from her will last for years trend wise, AND they seem to hold up well to wear and tear.

AND she makes clothing for REAL SIZED WOMEN! That's the biggest thing for me! LC can do no wrong.

NOw if you will excuse me I'm going to go obsessed over the cowboy booties she's sporting the 2nd image and possible work up the courage to try some of her skinny jeans too!

TLF said...

Top right jeans + booties.. love! Let's go LC shopping with a Kohl's coupon!!

Whitney Alison said...

First of all can we talk about this design?!?!?!? Who did it I love it! Also, I'm really enjoying her spring line. I don't know when it happened but I'm really into this blush pink, and the ladylike fit and flare dresses.

Stephanie said...

I love everything about her. I seriously want to BE her.

Brass Honey said...

She is too cute, seriously, girl next store adorable. I love all the dresses! Now if only I can bring myself to go into a Kohls :) I guess there's always online shopping.

TLF said...

Whoa.. this blog design flip just threw me off... LoL

Amanda Joy said...

I love her. Can she do wrong? Her hair is everything too!