March 03, 2014

2014 Oscar Fashion
Dallas Letdown Club

I expected better from this group of ladies.

Unfortunately, they all let me down.

She strayed from her usual mermaid dress, but this is no better.
Her accessories are also too matchy matchy.

I think she looks beautiful.
And I love this color on her.
But the dress is very old lady, no?

I hate to bash simple, but this is seriously lacking something.

I love her, but I just don't love this.

A lot of people love this.
I think it's too much and the wrong color for her.

I love Jessica and think she's so pretty.
This isn't horrible, but she still misses the mark.

I think this shape suits her.
I just can't get past the fact that she looks like a doily.

Her red carpet looks have been killer.
Until now...

The back is sexy.
The front is not.

all images via People, InStyle & Us Weekly


Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Jennifer - not a fan.

Angelia - I think you're right - like I said I thought it was pretty but very tame for her, but I think Old Lady is correct. She looks very happy though so that works.

Amy Adams - I like the dress but I like Sandra's better.

Julia - I like this dress but it's not her. And it's not really Oscar gear either... not sure where it belongs but it's just not a win.

Camila - lovely color, not loving the dress. I feel like Iman should be strutting in this.

Jessica - pretty dress but it's fairly dull, just doesn't work for me, or her.

Portia - um... The dress is cool but I wish it had a thicker slip under it... I just don't care for the "Here's my VAJAY JAY" see through.

Margot... no.

Anna - cute back, the front is a big ole' mess.

Unknown said...

Jennifer - I totally agree, don't like the dress at all or her hair, disappointing.

Camila is so gorgeous, so sexy but there is too much fabric on that dress & baby pink/pale pink is the wrong colour on her....she looks subdued in it.

Amy Adams - SO agree, I was really disappointed with her, she generally looks amazing on the Red Carpet. Blue is okay on her but there's nothing wow about that dress....the same for her make up which I saw a close up of somewhere else.

Julia Roberts - I didn't like at all, too many ruffly bits, perhaps it should have been more fitted at the bottom. She looked very happy but the dress was all wrong.

Portia's dress was hideous.

Margot Robbie - hate the dark hair, that whole look is way too severe on her.

Angelina's dress I like but i know just what you mean about it being too old lady!

Karen M. Peterson said...

Yeah, I didn't really like any of these. And Angelina's dress looked SO matronly. I might have liked it on someone older.

Carly said...

I agree with you about Angelina-- I can't figure out what it is, but the dress didn't wow me at all! I honestly think Julia Roberts dress was one of my least favorite of the entire night! So sad because the rest of her looks gorgeous & I absolutely love her! I really liked Anna's dress! I know I'm in the minority and the bottom half is a little much with so much going on, on top + not feeling her shoes with the dress.

Lisa said...

There was one quick view on one of the red carpet shows where the light hit Angelina's dress correctly... and you could see that Angelina's dress was nearly see-through on top. It was a big old eyeful of boob. At that point I decided it was subtly sexy. (Maybe not so subtly in the right light?)

I really disliked Jessica Biel's entire look, as well as Anna Kendrick's... which, from the back, is that her underwear/spanx that we see?

I would have liked Julia's dress more without the peplum. I am over that trend.

And couldn't agree more about Amy Adams - what a snooze. I'm sure they weren't, but I thought her lack of jewelry paired with those odd colorful earrings looked cheap.

Christina said...

Angelina's dress is SO old lady. Everyone was commenting on her amazing boobs, and even though they aren't, because they're fake, the dress made them look really saggy. I liked Jessica though. Julia and Margot were terrible.