March 05, 2014

25 Blog Post Ideas

There's nothing worse than being a blogger without anything to blog about. Sometimes, writer's block just happens. Here are 25 topics that might help you out in your time of need.

1. Tell us you how take your coffee and/or tea.

2. Interview someone. {child, parent, best friend, significant other, another blogger}

3. Pick a color, any color. Now, make a collage.

4. Tell us about your latest obsession.

5. What are you struggling with right now?

6. Recreate an outfit from another blogger, celebrity or magazine.

7. Your favorite book or movie and why it speaks to you

8. Show us where you blog.

9. Handwrite a list. Show us the list.

10. Get to know your readers with a survey.

11. White an an anonymous letter to your Facebook friends.

12. Create a post around your most searched keyword(s).

13. Try a new beauty product then tell us about it.

14. Tell us about a time you told a lie.

15. What is your favorite outdoor activity?

16. What do you do to relax?

17. Real life isn't perfect. Show us your mess.

18. Write a follow-up to your most popular post.

19. Write a thank you note to an inanimate object.

20. You're hosting a celebrity dinner party. Who gets an invite?

21. What's on your Anti-Bucket List? (things you'll never do)

22. What are your 5 favorite phone apps?

23. What was the first car you owned?

24. What's your favorite dessert?

25. The worst birthday you ever had


Tracy J said...

Thanks for sharing, I can always use ideas!!

The Peanut Program said...

GREAT list misty!!! p.s. i love this new blog design :)

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

These are all great - thanks for sharing the ideas and love!

Allena said...

So helpful!!

Karen M. Peterson said...

Those are great ideas. Can I interview you??

Unknown said...

These are great ideas ... I kinda miss blogging.


Cece @Mahogany Drive said...

Good ones! And love the new blog design. I must have missed that somewhere along the way!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing! This is really helpful. :)

TLF said...

Great list, but yeah, still too lazy to blog! HAHA!

Unknown said...

I'm a newbie blogger and this has given me some inspiration thanks xx

Seersucker Sass said...

Thanks for the ideas! I'm always in search of some inspiration :) Love your blog!

XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

Angel said...

Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Hey Misty! Love this article and the colours and feel of your blog! Nice to meet another enthousiastic blogger as well ;-) I am going to follow you on Bloglovin to read more in the future. ciao from a citygirl from Europe, Janneke

Christina said...

Awesome! I'm pinning this for later use.

Christina said...

And I'm totally doing the messy house post! I have all the before pictures. Now I just have to clean for the afters. Haha!