March 13, 2014

I love a good thriller.

I watch and enjoy movies from every genre except for horror. If there's blood, gore, torture, and a creepy psycho killer, you can almost always count me out. I just don't do scary unless it's a Wes Craven Scream film.

What I do love is a good suspenseful thriller! Even though a thriller can have some of the scary elements from above, they're more about the story than over-the-top blood and guts. Listed below are some of my favorite thrillers. Each of these movies either made me jump out of my seat, had me reeling when the true killer's identity was revealed or just had me intrigued and entertained from beginning to end.

Is there something missing from my list?

What thrillers do you love?


Karen M. Peterson said...

I haven't seen Suspect Zero or The Watcher, but I definitely agree with the rest of these. So much fun!

Carly said...

My husband and I were just talking about how What Lies Beneath was so good! I can't remember very much of it as I saw it forever ago-- but I enjoy a good suspense too! Definitely not into the horror genre either!

Allena said...

I am usually a mess while I'm watching a thriller and saying I'll never watch another and then as soon as it's over, I rave about it! One of my favorites was the one with Richard Gere and Edward Norton and Edward Norton kills the priest - Primal Fear maybe?? SO GOOD!

Christina said...

I need to add some of these movies to my list. Yes to Memento, Seven, and Devil's Advocate! Some of my favorites are old ones: The Usual Suspects, Misery, Cape Fear, The Shining, The Hand that Rocks the Cradle, Single White Female. Newer ones I liked are Drive, End of Watch, and Limitless.