March 04, 2014

Shopping for prom dresses
has never been easier!

I figured there was no better way to wrap up this awards and red carpet season than with more beautiful gowns. I don't know about the rest of the country, but we're gearing up for prom season in the south. Back in the day, I was lucky enough to attend two proms. I absolutely loved the dress I wore junior year. Senior year was a different story. I tried on dress after dress after dress and eventually settled on one I liked well enough. On prom night, a classmate's date arrived in the exact same dress. Instead of being mortified, I decided to hold my head high and rock the hell out of my dress. And you know what? I totally did.


We didn't shop online back then. We went to the mall and walked from store to store until our feet ached. And even then, the selection wasn't that great. It would have been nice if I'd had a place to shop with endless dress choices. Because, believe me, you don't want to end up wearing the same dress to prom as someone else.

Enter, the leading global online retailer for prom dresses, special event dresses and wedding gowns. They offer a large selection of high quality prom dresses at affordable prices. And when I say large selection, I really mean LARGE SELECTION. They have every color and every style you could possibly imagine. I really think every teenage girl could go to and find a dress she loves for prom. And to top it off, they offer great customer service and worldwide shipping.

Here's a small sample of what they have to offer.

1 | 2

3 | 4

5 | 6

Oh, to be in high school again...

Oh, to have those legs again...


Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Those top ones seem so over the top for prom... but then again I'm not a teen anymore. Maybe that's the in thing? Do you remember when CROP TOP dresses were all the rage - THANK GOD the was after I graduated.

My Junior prom dress was one I found in a magazine and fell in LOVE with. When I found it at the mall I was SO happy.

My senior prom dress - I picked as a joke. I was like this looks like a hooker dress... it was white lace, with a high neck and it was above the knee. I tried it on and was shocked how much I loved it against my tan skin. I showed my mom and she was like A SLIP AND YOU ARE GOOD TO GO! That was the easiest prom shopping experience ever!

*** Junior year I wore black, senior year I wore white *** I'm so exciting ;)

Alyssa Whitt said...

Oh how I miss proms! I LOVE the top and center right ones. I wish mine had been that chic.
Can I just tell you that I've moved you into my "favorites" list on Bloglovin after all your Oscars posts?

Because Shanna Said So said...

My worst only enemy...the girl I hated most in HS had the same dress I did at prom!! I wanted to shoot myself!! LOL! Off to read your Oscar recaps...always a fave of mine!! :)

TLF said...


Love the silver!!

KelTempel said...

Funny thing is it happened to you and also to me senior year...Leslie Bramlett.

KelTempel said...

Loving the legs btw...they haven't changed!

Christina said...

Formal dress shopping was the worst for me! We had two dress stores and three department stores to choose from in our mall. I was 5'11 so short dresses were too short and long dresses were too short. I usually just went with the too short dresses. My mom ended up making my senior prom dress for me because I felt like you had to have a long dress for prom. It was much more formal. But then I didn't even go... Haha!