March 19, 2014

What kind of blogger are you?

Bloggers are often being labeled. There's mommy bloggers, cooking bloggers, fashion bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, and entertainment bloggers... just to name a few. Some blogs have a niche while others don't. Some of us have been blogging for years, and some of us are brand new. Regardless, we are all in it for the same thing. Or are we? In my research, I have found there to be 12 kinds of bloggers.

1. The too cool for school blogger
When you get seventy-three comments on a post and don't respond to one... This is you, asshole.

2. The LOOK AT ME blogger
Look what I bought! Look what I made! Do you like my new outfit? Here's twelve pictures of me wearing it!

3. The wears fancy clothes for pictures, but jumps right back into sweats blogger
That's right, honey. We're onto you. No one gets that dolled up for a quick trip to Target with the kids. And no one wears a tutu to their 9-to-5 office job. Even Carrie Bradshaw is giving you the side eye. For once, I'd like to see a style post with a t-shirt, yoga pants and a dirty ponytail.

4. The mean girl blogger
We all know this girl. She gripes. She complains. She points fingers. She tries to make herself look good by tearing others down. We only read your blog to feel better about ourselves.

5. The dirty hippie blogger
I'm looking at you mom who has eaten her own placenta.

6. The stay-at-home mom who wants you to think she has it all together when she really cries into her wine every night blogger
The average mom who stays home all day with a toddler doesn't have an immaculate kitchen and spotless floors. The average mom doesn't host playdates in her pearls. It's ok to tell us you locked yourself in the bathroom after your 2-year-old peed on the couch for the third time in two days. Motherhood is messy, so show us your mess from time to time.

7. The I don't care if you like me or not because I'm blogging for me blogger
You don't feel the need to change who you are to fit in with the cool kids. You don't buy bubble necklaces and put your hair in a top knot because it's what all the other bloggers are doing. You aren't obsessed with numbers and stats. You're just going to keep doing what you're doing even if no one's reading because you're having fun.

8. The I will work for comments blogger
Instead of standing on a street corner begging for food, you comment on ALL THE BLOGS with a direct link back to your site. We see you there, but we're going to sidestep right past you.

9. The I whore myself out for free shit blogger
We don't know who you are as a person because you're too busy promoting someone else's product. What we do know is that dollas make you holla.

10. The I don't know really know what I'm doing, but I'm going to keep doing it anyway blogger
If you still have a scrapbook blog layout, you're doing it wrong. If you still don't know how to format pictures in your blog post, you're doing it wrong. If you're a no-reply comment blogger, you're doing it wrong. This isn't to say that a new blogger should know everything. That's just ludicrous. But you watch and learn. If you've been blogging for years and still don't know what's up, you're DOING IT WRONG!

11. The tries too hard to be popular blogger
If your blog button is on every single blog I visit, you're trying too hard. If you're in five giveaways a week, you're trying too hard. If you promote the same blog post on Twitter ten times a day, you're trying too hard.

12. The I hardly ever blog, but refuse to shut this bitch down blogger
If you only blog three times a year, maybe blogging just isn't for you.

So.. Tell me..

What kind of blogger are you?


TLF said...

#77777777777777777... bitchez!

Stephanie said...

haha guilty of being #7. Someone asked how I have my posts scheduled for the whole year - what if one topic category doesn't do well according to stats? etc etc I was like um... I don't care!!! I'm also a mean girl, but not so much on the blog.

Kristie's Blue Jeans said...

Your first gif made me miss Happy Endings! I think I am a #- I don't care blogger. Honestly, I do it for me and may not have everything down, but hey I just hit one year so I cannot be a genius yet!

Cece @Mahogany Drive said...

You had me at #7. That is definitely the kind of blogger I am and proud of it.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I think I feel like a fossil blogger, been around for a long time, but I"m also a #7 not giving a rip blogger and a #12 Hardly Ever blogger... although I guess I'll say it was a break blogger ;)

PS I've gotten so many offers to blog about stuff, and free gifts and free stuff thrown at me but honestly I'm not going to blog about a product or something unless I love it.

I wanna be a dirty hippie blogger placenta sounds delicious... NOT. :)

Karen M. Peterson said...

I *hope* I'm a #7....I hope...

Christina said...

UGH! I'm so sick of bloggers lately. (Not you, obviously!) I'm definitely a #7 and absolutely not a #6! I basically stop reading the Too Cool For School blogs when their blogs and heads get too big. The comment blogger bothers me so much I don't even check out their blogs. That's what you get for begging. I also can't even read a blog if it has an ugly or cluttered layout. They could be hilarious, but if it's ugly, I can't do it. I don't read hippies, foodies, or fashionistas anymore at all. It's just too fake and staged.


Kelly said...

I am a seven with a bit of two and a bit of eight, whoops!

Allena said...

I did eat my placenta. But I am NOT dirty. I shower every day...I just might wash my hair with baking soda. ;)

Not Everyones Mama said...

I'm going to have to go with a cross between 9 and 7 but definitely not a 6. This house looks like a tornado went through it 99% of the time and I tend to over share that with stupid ecards on FB. :D

Unknown said...

I'm the 'new and don't know what in the hell I'm doing ' kind. Guess that's #10. I need an

SHUG IN BOOTS {Beth} said...

I was just thinking about this recently. I miss my blog. I could say I don't have time for it, but that's not really true. What's more true is that I have (temporarily, I hope!) lost my passion. I think, because I am trying to figure out why I do it ... I used to care more .. about followers, etc, but lately, I have been thinking about making it private, or maybe not .. but trying really hard to just write what I want to write, even if it is lame as hell, and serves no purpose except to get shit off my brain.
Good post :)

L.J. Diva said...


I started my blog in preparation for publishing books and have kept it going so it's my website.

I don't care if you like what I say or not and a lot don't.

Kori said...

OMG this seriously made me laugh out loud!!!! Thank your for sharing this! I'm not sure which one I am, but I think I might be a bit of #1, not because I'm too cool, but honestly because I'm swamped haha! I hate that I can't visit blogs as much as I'd like, but with teaching full time and trying to be a bit social, it's a wonder I get blog posts up! Have a great weekend honey! Kori xoxo

Brittany SSP said...

I think I am a combo of #7 & #12, haha.

LMAO at #10 & the scrapbook layout line! Seriously, it just makes me sad when I still see these.

Sarahviz said...

I'm definitely #7!