April 07, 2014

2014 Academy of Country Music
Awards Fashion

There wasn't a lot of hot off the press celeb news this week, so you get CMA fashion instead.

Carrie Underwood | Danielle Bradberry

Kacey Musgraves | Kellie Pickler

Jamie Lynn Spears | Kimberly Schlapman

Taylor Swift | Kimberly Perry

Jewel | Sheryl Crow

Olivia Munn | Miranda Lambert

Shawna Thompson | Shakira

I'm really digging Carrie's overall look.
Taylor and Miranda look fab.
Jewel's boobs are distracting.
Sheryl looks great.
Shawna is a Christmas plant.


Whitney Alison said...

Ummm...did Jewel get a boob job??? Why is that the only thing I can talk about?

Carly said...

Not even a T Swift fan, but I think she looks kind of amazing! I love Shakira, but I have to say I am not loving that dress :(

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Carrie looks pretty but I'm sort of under whelmed by it.

I like Jamie Lynn's dress but not for this situation.

Lots of big hair... go Nashville.

Taylor looks amazing. Damn her amazing genes.

I adore Kimberly Perry.

Love Sheryl's look!!!

Ugh OLIVIA MUNN - NO! I really want to get her a style team. I love her but lately haven't loved her looks.

Miranda looks great. She's really sticking to this fitness thing isn't she?

Oh that was Jewel? All I saw were orbs! ;)

Anonymous said...

"Shawna is a Christmas plant."

I laughed so hard because it's SO ACCURATE.

Christina said...

I really love Taylor's look. I almost always do and I feel like I shouldn't admit that because she's so annoying. Jewel's boobs ARE distracting! I noticed that on The Sing-Off a few months ago too. It's like she doesn't know how to wear them.