April 14, 2014

2014 MTV Movie Awards Fashion

Conan O'Brien hosted the 2014 MTV Movie Awards last night. The show was basically an opening number with Conan, a whole bunch of awards and three musical performances. I don't really find Conan to be that funny, so I was glad I didn't see a lot of him. Overall, I think this year's program was the worst one I've seen. I had it on in the background while I did other things. There was only one great moment, and that's when Rita Ora ripped off Zac Efron's shirt. He still doesn't really do anything for me, but from the neck down... Mama likes.

Onto the ladies...

I'm not a fan of the print, but I like the heels.

I love this. It's fun, flirty and perfect for MTV.
I would have gone with a different lip color though.

Her look is very MTV.
Like the makeup. Don't like the hair.

The heels are bad ass, but what's up with the thick olive leather?
I don't like it.

Wow! JWoww looks beautiful.

I just don't like high slit dresses that are also a weird length.

She looks so pretty!

I love Ellie and her beautiful voice.
I never like what she wears though.

I often love what Leslie wears.
This is simple with great heels.

She looks like she's in her pajamas.

There's just too much going on here.

They're not my favorites, but they both look super cute.

Rita showed a lot of boob, but I liked it.
Jenna's dress is just ok.

Pregnant Mila kept it safe.
It's not my favorite of Lupita's dresses, but it did look pretty amazing on tv.

images via People & Us Weekly


Unknown said...

Wow, some really unusual dresses that's for sure!

I really like Shailene Woodley, but her dress sense is odd....I guess when you're young you can get away with that though, just.

Nicki Minaj, I didn't even recognise, wow!

Chrissy Teigen is just really odd looking, I don't find her attractive at all.

Love Mila, she's so pretty.

Loving the blue on your blog...you're the makeover queen!!

I finally signed up to Netflix and my first series on there has been "Modern Family"...for some reason, it made me think of you, are you a fan too? I am LOVING it, such a funny show!

Carly said...

My first thought about Rihanna was that she was wearing a robe! not a fan! I like that Lupita went for something different from her other looks!

Seersucker Sass said...

I didn't watch it last night... I just can't get into it anymore. Haha. But I'm glad that you posted this so that I could browse some of the looks :)

Victoria Justice looked amazing! What a fun dress!!

Happy Monday :)

XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

Christina said...

Thank you for starting this off with Zac. He deserves it. Although, it was very awkward to watch. I think I liked boring Jessica Alba the best. It was pretty and springy.

I couldn't watch the show. I saw the Zac thing on Twitter beforehand so I watched the dumb opening then fast forwarded to that part. I tried to watch a little bit more, but it was terrible. I'm old. I don't really like Conan either.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I find it odd that MTV would host these awards the same weekend as Cochella started...

I can't allow Zac to do anything for me, simply because he reminds me of my younger brother-in-law let's just say he's an attractive lad. Shall we?

As much as I can't stand Snooki, she looks rather cute. And so fit, she's pregnant again isn't she?

Victoria is definitely perfectly dressed for the event and I second the lip color choice comment.

Kat's dress is awesome.

Shailene - that has to be the most uncomfortable outfit ever... talk about sweat issues!

JWoww - love her hair and make-up, not loving the dress but being a pregnant woman, she's working it well! Is the back cut out? It's hard to tell from this photo. I sort of like that it's elegant and rather tame for her.

Zendaya - hate the shoulder pads of all the things from the 80's and 90's to come back why did it have to be shoulder pads???

Nicki - I never would have known that was her had you not labeled the photo. She looks really nice.

Ellie - lovely but safe.

Leslie Mann - girl can do no wrong. Love it.

Rihanna - PJS fo'sho! Maybe if the kimono was all sheer? Not sure.

Bella - it's alright, busy but I like the color and she's a really really lovely girl even if she does look like a very young version of Tiffany to me.

Chrissy / Jessica - meh.

Rita - love it. Wish I could rock a low cut like that and now have the sisters fall out.
Jenna - I find the long sleeves odd.

Mila - simple, cute and effective.

Lupita - bring on the colors, she looks amazing! Not her best dress but definitely FUN!

Karen M. Peterson said...

So...I've never even heard of half of these "celebrities." Does that mean I'm getting old?

Mrs. M said...

Seems like they dressed it up a little more this year - some super cute looks there!

Anonymous said...

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