April 24, 2014

3 Things I Currently Hate

1. Girls who wear too much eyeliner
If you wear thick black eyeliner in a solid circle around your entire eyeball, you're doing it wrong. I don't care how small your eyes are. You're only making them look smaller. You know what else? You look like an emo hooker.

2. The bar cart trend
To each his own, but I do not need a fancy cart with wheels to display my liquor on. I prefer to put my booze on top of the fridge, in the pantry or better yet... in my mouth hole.

3. Humble braggers
A humble bragger is someone who pretends to be modest when they're actually bragging.
Example: Rockin' a dirty ponytail, yoga pants and no makeup. Guy still hit on me at Starbucks.
Seriously, stop it.

It's almost Friday, bitches.


Seersucker Sass said...

Humble braggers are the worst!

XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

HA! I had to snag that Nicole Richie gif - I adore her and I agree. I can't pull off the all over eyeliner I reserve it for Halloween usually and I see photos and I'm like WOW I look awesome.. but in reality the camera is about 10 ft. from me and can't show how sloppy it actually looks. I'll stick to my cat eye and liner on top only ;)

Bar carts... while cute, and we sort of have one, it's not like everyone else has (ours is closed so it's more of a liquor cabinet??? IF you will. Also, who leaves plates and glasses OUT IN THE OPEN 24/7... gross... we have too much dust and cat / dog hair in our home for that to be sanitary. Lovely look, but not into it.

Question, is it humble bragging when a strange guy is hitting on you (clearly) telling you that your hair looks awesome, and you thank him by telling him, truthfully "Thanks, I call this my "I haven't washed my hair in 6 days sloppy bun"... or is that me just being honest trying to skeeve him out because HELLOO my husband just got up to get a drink? ;) haha

Amanda Joy said...

This just made me laugh out loud! Yes yes and yes to all three. Well I actually love bar carts but who needs one when you drink it all! :)

Kelly said...

Oh my goodness, humble bragging! I actually do not mind bragging but either go all out or just sush!

Unknown said...

You are funny, am laughing out loud!!

Kristie's Blue Jeans said...

I hate all three too! Especially the bar cart trend, like really? Can't you just invest in a more booze because people that drink with you are not going to notice you rolled that in here on a cart.

Lisa said...

The only thing worse than a bar cart? Bar cart photos on Instagram.

Unknown said...

haha hilarious, i hate those humble braggers too!

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Unknown said...

Totally agree with all of these....mostly the bar cart. So freaking stupid.

Christina said...

Yes, yes and YES! I saw that direct humble brag on Facebook today. Except she said, "Top knot, wife beater, no makeup and Target and I had to flash my wedding ring at him." She does it weekly and even posted about it twice on her honeymoon! (Her third husband, but whatever). Also, she's just plain not cute. It's also so fun when she says everyone tells her she looks like Jennifer Aniston. UGH!

Are you making fun of my eyeliner from my back in the day post. I WAS IN 9TH GRADE! IT WAS THE 90s! Haha!