April 25, 2014

All You Need is a Light Jacket

The stresses of the world have gotten to me this week. I've been looking for a new job since I started this one six months ago. It's not a good fit. It's far from home. The commute is awful. I've been interviewing to no avail. I know the right thing is coming, but my patience is running thin. Everyone and everything is stressing me out.

But, instead of dwelling on the negative, I'm going to focus on the good stuff. This weekend, I have a lot of fun things planned. The weather is going to be perfect. I also have Monday off.

I may even watch Miss Congeniality.

Happy weekend to you.


Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Miss Congeniality and Bring it On are my ultimate guilty pleasure movies. They are so goofy, but delightful and heartwarming!

CHEERS TO A GOOD WEEKEND!!! I can't wait until 5 PM!

Christina said...

I'm sorry about your job hunt. That really sucks! I've been stressed and grumpy lately too. :(

Meghan said...

Best of luck with the job hunt! I hope you find something soon! And OMG…I love this reference:)

Karen M. Peterson said...

That is one of my favorite movie quotes EVER.

I hope you had a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love Miss Congeniality, and the fact that you remembered that the "perfect date" was April 25th!