May 08, 2014

How to Pitch a Blogger in 5 Easy Steps

There are probably thousands of posts instructing bloggers how to obtain sponsors and advertisers for their blog. Are there any posts out there instructing businesses on the art of contacting bloggers? I'm not so sure since many of the people who contact me are doing it all wrong.

I receive several emails a week from various businesses and individuals wanting to work with Handbags + Handguns. Some companies want me to put up banners or links. Others want me to share something they've written. From time to time, a business will send me a product to review. I've been given free tickets to events. I've been able to give free stuff to you, my readers. But I'm not so desperate for money and followers that I feel the need to say yes to everything.


Here are 5 tips that can make your business-to-blog pitch successful:

1. When you reach out to bloggers, make sure you get their name right. I recently had a business professional address me as Margarita, not once but twice. Yes, I like to drink margaritas, but my name is Misty.

2. Familiarize yourself with the blog and blogger you're contacting. Look around. Read a few posts. Get a general feel for the topics discussed.

3. When you reach out, tell us who you are, what company you're with and why you think we should work together. Also, please include the link to your company's website. I provided you with my info. Now, please provide me with yours. I won't take the time for a Google search.

4. The first thing I look for in a business-to-blog partnership is whether or not the business, brand and product are relevant to my blog's brand. If there are zero similarities between what you're offering and my brand, you should probably look elsewhere for a partnership. Even though blogging is a business for some of us, we don't want to compromise who we are as bloggers for $20.

5. If I do something for you, I expect you to do something for me.

It's really as simple as that.

We're open to new and exciting ideas, so bring them!


Unknown said...

Excellent advice.

I once received an email that began...."Dear Bottom...."!

Christina said...

It's Moonshine, get it right!

I've been getting more and more offers lately, but they don't state that they'll give me anything for it. They just want me to write up something about their brand. Do you reply and ask for compensation? Ugh, it all feels like too much work for me.

Karen M. Peterson said...

Amen! I love hearing from companies, but it gets a little old when they are pitching random stuff that has nothing to do with me or my readers.

Mrs. Match said...

Love this list! I can't tell you how many times I've had companies contact me and want free publicity. Yeah, thanks but no thanks!

Rita Templeton said...

This is so right-on. And number five should be IN BOLD PRINT AND ALL CAPS so anybody pitching an idea can get it through their heads! I get dozens of emails a week from people/companies who want me to write a post about their products or services. FOR NOTHING. What whaaat? Get outta here with that bidness.

Noor Unnahar said...

Wonderful tips Misty. I hate when a company emails me with "dear madam or blogger" it kind of bugs me , they can at least take time to have my info before working with me.
Noor @ Noor's Place

Kelly said...

I completely agree with these - and especially do not address emails as "Dear Blogger"

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

You are so right on the money. I get a lot of random offers and I'm like, you have NOTHING to do with my blog you've read nothing about my blog and furthermore did you miss the big thing where I'm a chick not a dude ??? ;)

Last one didn't really happen I just wanted to make you laugh.

That being said, I've gotten a lot of great offers just passed on them. I also feel that since I blog in infrequently it wouldn't currently, truly help a company if I blogged about them.