January 12, 2015

2015 Golden Globes Fashion
Best Dressed, Y'all

It's finally time.

My Golden Globes Best Dressed List for 2015

Greer is actor Kelsey Grammer's daughter.
She was Miss Golden Globe.
She handed out awards and escorted celebs off the stage.
She actually looked better than half of the nominees and winners.
Seriously, this dress is gorgeous. And so is she!

First off, I have a girl crush on Chrissy.
She's my favorite celeb to follow on social media.
Girlfriend is hilarious.
And how pretty is this dress?
It's the perfect fit and the perfect color for her skin tone.

I love this dress even though I'd never wear it.
There's just something different enough about it.
And she's so pretty.
She owns it.

What has Kate Beckinsale done lately?
Who cares!
She gets invited to things because she looks like this.
The dress is perfect.
I love the contrast between the top and bottom.
When she presented, I realized the bottom was sheer.
It made me love it even more.
Her makeup, nails and accessories complete the look.

My final picks were the two ladies I was most looking forward to seeing.
And they didn't disappoint me.


What can I say?
It's white.
It's tight.
And it works.
I think it's sexy, but not over the top.
She killed it.


She wore pants!
Fancy pants!
Fancy pants with pockets!
Fancy pants with a giant bow train on one side of her ass!
With a bejeweled bustier!
I love it!
Emma took a risk, and it paid off.

So, tell me. Do we agree?
Who is your pick for Best Dressed?


Lauren @ Lot Forty Eight said...

I loved those goo! And j lo's dress did you see Rosanund pike? Ew yikes NO GIRL NO and same to Keira knightly they were both absolutely hideous

Unknown said...

Greer Grammer is very pretty, lovely dress too.

Love Emma Stone & thinks she carries off the outfit, & good for her for being a little different.

I can't stand Chrissy Teigen! But I do agree that her dress is gorgeous & she looks fantastic in it, just shows that cleavage is not always necessary.

Kate Beckinsale is boring to me in every way.....she looks lovely but she does always wear a version of this dress.

Kate Hudson....looks incredible, that dress fits like a glove & definitely has the Red Carpet wow factor....I've realised I'm not a fan of white though.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Greer - she looks lovely. I would never pick this dress but she works it perfectly!

Chrissy - Her dress is really really cool. I keep eyeing it up the most whenever I see images of her.

Alison always looks great to me - this is no different. Very old hollywood (without gloves) ;)

Kate rarely disappoints. She's so damn pretty.

Kate Hudson - LOVE.

Emma Stone - The outfit I'd most like to wear to an awards show! Comfortable, put together and the bow is a really nice touch.

Allena said...

I couldn't call Greer a best dressed just because she was Miss Golden Globes, ha. She looked so great!

Chrissy NAILED it. She and JL were probably my fave couple.

What I think I liked best about Allison's dress was that she has such a slight frame that the ruffles could have overpowered it, but they were simple layers and actually gave her a shape.

Agree on Kate Beckinsale

I just don't like Kate Hudson ha but she does look amazing.

And Emma nailed it. The more I see it, the more I love it.

Anonymous said...

You know I love an awards show as much as you, but fashion is so subjective. One person loves it, the next person hates it (as the case with all these comments!)
*Greer looks beautiful (hopefully she'll get married young and change her name, HATE saying Greer Grammer. Weird)
*LOVE me some Peter Pan, gorge
*Kate B looks amazeballs
*Kate H - too over the top for me, but she wore it well
*Emma is darling in every way

Karen M. Peterson said...

I loved all of these too. Fabulous!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

LOVED Emma's!

Christina said...

Chrissy and Kate Beckinsale for sure! Alison's makeup was a little too harsh for me. She looked like Brian in a drag. Haha! I want Emma's hair.