January 12, 2015

2015 Golden Globes Fashion
Close, But No Cigar

These ladies all looked fabulous and wore great dresses, but fell short of my Best Dressed list.

I was actually surprised at the number of dresses I liked this year. There were a lot.

Good job, famous people!

She looks beautiful and regal.
I'm digging the gloves.
And I'm dying to know...
What will she wear to the Oscars?!

I think I'd like this a lot more if there was a pop of color.
The jewelry's not enough.
She just looks so white.

Her hair and makeup are great.
The color is great.
I just don't like the draping.

She looks stunning.

Even though we've seen this dress a thousand times, she makes it work.
It's probably the best I've seen from her.

She looks picture perfect.
I just feel like it's missing something.

This dress looks like it was painted on, and I like it!
It's just so pretty.

I think she looks pretty damn fierce.
But is it too much?

I like that she always takes risks.
Her makeup, hair and boobs are on point.
There's nothing I hate more than uneven boobs.

I feel like she always wears a variation of this dress.
But there's no denying that this is her color.
She looked even prettier on tv.

I went back and forth on this one.
Do I like the dress? Do I not like the dress?
It's ok. I'm just not sure I like it on her.
Maybe if she'd done something different with her hair...

She looks so pretty!
This is a great dress for her.

Anna's come a long way.
It's not my favorite, but I like it.
And it suits her.
She kind of looks like a wax figure here, no?

When I first saw JLo, all I could see was her face and hair.
Then they showed the back of her dress, and I was all... A CAPE!
When I finally saw the front, I was wowed.
But I think it's a tad too much.
We already know you have a bangin' body.
Sometimes less really is more.

all images via People + InStyle

Tell me. Who do you love?


Unknown said...

Amal - like the dress hate the gloves, they were so unnecessary.

Emily Blunt - you are so right, she really needs colour.

Katherine Heigl - I didn't even recognise her! She's standing oddly but I guess that dress is pretty tight. Her roots need work!

Reese - boring!

Heidi K - it's been ages since I've seen her look really great on the red carpet, she always gets something wrong....this dress is okay but her right boob just looks odd & way too squashed.

Viola Davis - lovely dress, she needs some diamonds.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Amal - I am not digging the gloves. It is lovely old hollywood but I just can't do it :) PS She'll wear George to the Oscars, ;)

Emily - agreed.

Jenna - agreed on all of this. I really love her hair.

Reese - I agree with this completely too. She looks amazing but it just needs, something.

Uzo is working it.

Heidi looks very lovely.

Amy Adams - I wish it was just a slightly brighter lilac color, but she looks really really nice.

Julianne - it's mostly the hair for me that ruins it.

J-Lo I feel like she's done this before. She looks great, and she has the body to pull it all off, but again, less really IS more.

Allena said...

I couldn't disagree more about Amal - I hate the gloves, and I feel like she should have done SOMETHING with her hair.

I think if Emily had more makeup on that would have been enough. The white was stunning on her, but her makeup was pale too. One or the other, not both!

I thought Jenna's draping gave her the look of a chest which so many ladies on Hollywood are missing!

I disagree about Heidi too - she looks too skinny, her hair is bad, and her right boob is being tortured.

And JLo - ugh - hate everything.

Anonymous said...

*I think Amal went safe, old school glamour because she was scared. Let's remember, this is her first BIG outing as Mrs George. It will be interesting to see what she does for the Oscars. If her hair remains the same, I will quit her
*Emily, I need sunglasses, seriously, either get a tan or dye the dress. Cute though
*I feel this Jenna person has a rockin body, no? This dress does nothing for her. Her arm can was FABULOUS ;-)
*Viola = perfection
*Heigl, I hate her, so I don't think I will like anything she wears. This is meh. Her hair looks good I guess
*Reese is fine, pretty, but nothing WOW
*Heidi - WOW, however, she clearly just got back from the tropics
*Jessica - I like it, b00bs are on point, good color for her
*Julianne - something DIFFERENT with her hair? How about doing SOMETHING with her hair!?! That's what my hair looks like after a week of me not washing it and me trying to make something of a style! ICK!
*Anna- is she posing as a ballerina?
*Jlo - typical. Not surprised or wowed. The underwire poking out of the left boob bugs the hell out of me

Karen M. Peterson said...

I heard Amal made those gloves herself. For reals.

Christina said...

I thought J.Lo was very J.Lo and I loved it. Kathrine Heigl's dress is definitely in my top 5. Same with Reese. Emily looked way to pale. Jenna looked great! I wish I could pull off yellow. I'd look like Emily though. Haha!