January 26, 2015

2015 SAG Awards Fashion
Best Dressed, I Guess

Like I said in my first post, I was extremely underwhelmed.

It was really hard to choose favorites.

I guess these will do.

JULIE BOWEN in Georges Hobeika Couture
This dress is so feminine and pretty.
I like her hair and makeup too.
I don't like the clutch though.

CAMILA ALVES in Donna Karen
I don't typically like this style and shape.
I love the color.
I also really like the material.
She makes this work.
Poor Matthew can't make the hair and beard work though.

images via People


Unknown said...

Julie Bowen is really pretty, lovely dress on her.

Did you see Ty's wife...eek, not a great dress choice?

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

It's working for me... what? where am I? who said that... mmm Matthew... sorry ;)

Unknown said...

I love that purple gown. Thanks for sharing!

Christina said...

I love Camila's purple, but not next to Matthew's ugly blue. I really do love Julie's dress too. I want her haircut. I'm seriously in a chopping it all off mood again.

I wasn't home last night and have yet to watch the awards, so I'm always so thankful for your fashion recaps!

Allena said...

I HATE Julie's dress. It looks like a 6-year-old's Easter dress. And her hair and make-up are terrible. I would have put Camilla as a Best Dressed if it wasn't for Matthew - he could have been a worst!

Unknown said...

Love the purple gown but I think it could have been better with red silk fabric

Kelly said...

I agree, nothing really wowed me but I do agree, the purple was pretty on her and she usually never makes my list!

xx Kelly
Sparkles and Shoes

Karen M. Peterson said...

Yeah, I'd agree that these were the best dressed. In a very lackluster night.

Allison said...

Julie Bowen is gorgeous, so she could wear almost anything. I agree though, it was pretty underwhelming all around (I watched for half a second though, I get too bored!). That purple is gorgeous, even if Matthew looks pretty awful in what he's wearing (shame!).

Ashley Bree said...

Julie bowen is gorgeous :)

Minau said...

I agree.. Julie had the best dress

Unknown said...

The dress on Bowen is very pretty, but you are right about the handbag being a dud.

Courtney B said...

wow Camilla looks great! love that dress! her body is amazing!

Unknown said...

I loved Julie's dress!