January 26, 2015

2015 SAG Awards Fashion

I was extremely underwhelmed by last night's SAG Awards fashion.

No one wowed me.

Even though Rosamund's dress is huge, it somehow works on her.
This isn't my favorite look from Emma, but I love that she takes risks.

Patricia always looks like she's going to an 80's prom.
Julianne's dress is rather shapeless, and I don't like her hair.

I don't like Laura's dress.
Ariel is 16 and really needs help dressing those boobs of hers.

I really like Emilia's dress. She looks very pretty.
Amy's dress makes her look pregnant.

I'm not digging T's stripes or R's print.

If you're going to show that much boob, tape them up.
Anna's whole look is severe.

all images via People



Unknown said...

Totally agree....from what I've seen in the British press, no one really looked amazing.

Rosamund Pike....that dress is enormous. And what's with the scary faces, I didn't see one photo where she smiled!

Love Jennifer Aniston but not loving the "cleavage" look she is currently sporting.

We are way behind with Modern Family, I didn't even recognise Ariel W....she's only 16, wow!!

Unknown said...

I'm not really loving any of these either! But I do love Emma Stone and she can do no wrong in my book so she's my favorite! :)


Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I am sort of in love with Rashida's dress, maybe not award worthy but it's a fun dress with a nice pop of color.

I'm digging Jennifer A's look - not anything wowing or new for her but it's pretty.

Emilia looks lovely but her dress screams 90's homecoming to me. Maybe it's the color or the velvet.

Christina said...

I think Julianne Moore needs to wear green every day of her life! I like Rashida's dress for a casual, summer event. Jennifer Aniston looked great, but again, it was a dated look. The print is really pretty on the dress though.

Allena said...

Rosamund was one of my worst dress. She is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen - I expect more!

I hated Jen Aniston. You know how I feel about boobs...THIS is why you can't show the whole inner side boob. It would be so much worse if she'd had a baby too ha.

I love Laura Carmichael and wish it had been a solid color dress with maybe 2 fabric types? The sheer section doesn't work but the top half fits her SO good.

Ariel's boobs...sigh.

Kelly said...

After the Globes I was so excited to see Emma but I agree, she was off and Jennifer Anniston needed a bit more fabric!

xx Kelly
Sparkles and Shoes

Karen M. Peterson said...

"Underwhelmed" is the perfect word for this group. Totally underwhelmed by all of them.

Rachel said...

I love Emma, but I really hate the whole, short dress with a long sheer short over top look. It's the worst.

Rachel said...

*Skirt was the word I was going for there.

Erin of TexErin-in-SydneyLand said...

When I saw Ariel Winter, I thought "oh my good lord, she's had some ch-ch-changes in that body of hers". How difficult must it be to go through puberty on display for all to see? Very. But, this dress allows us to see even more than maybe we should.