February 09, 2015

2015 Grammy Fashion
Best Dressed

I like it when my choices surprise even me.

Band of Outsiders suit + Jimmy Choo heels
I typically hate chicks in suits without a shirt.
Anna actually gets it right.
The suit fits perfectly.
There's a hint of cleavage without being trashy.
And her hair and makeup complete the look.
Bravo, Anna.

Atelier Versace jumpsuit + Christian Louboutin heels
This is such a fun jumpsuit.
It's different and stands out in a good way.
And it's perfect for the Grammys.
The only thing this look is missing is Gwen's signature red lip.

Elie Saab dress + Giuseppe Zanotti heels
Hands down, Taylor wins the night.
I love that she continues to wow us.
She never wears the same style over and over.
The colors are fun, vibrant and look fab on her.
Teal and purple? Hello. HOT!
Who would have thought Swifty would end up being one of my repeat favorites?

images via People + Us Weekly


Same Hair Different Head (Afton) said...

I always look forward to your post-Awards fashion posts because they are always spot on. Anna Kendrick knocked it out the park with this. Others should take note.

Karen M. Peterson said...

Taylor's picture sort of looks like she has a halo over her head. That made me laugh.

These all look good, I must say. I love the color of TSwift's dress. And yes, Anna nailed the suit!

Brittany Always said...

I love all of these! I'm a fan of all three for talent so I'm glad they made the top of the list look-wise too.

Rachel said...

I 1000% agree with your choices. I never like Anna, (maybe because I think she has an awkward body to dress?) but she killed it with this one. Gwen is my hands down favorite of the three, but Taylor takes a very close second. This would not work on everyone and she nails it.

Allena said...

I disagree about Anna. I think she has too few curves to look feminine. She looks better than Jen Aniston did in her orange one with saggy boobs, but I just think she needed SOME curves. I loved Gwen's outfit and agree about her lips!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

LOVED Taylor's look!

Christina said...

I didn't really like Gwen, but the other two for sure. Anna's hair is so pretty. Taylor looked perfect and I love her bright shoes.