February 23, 2015

2015 Oscar Fashion
Gaga's Gloves

I don't like the choker necklace or dark lip.
It all feels a bit casual bride.

She's really beautiful, and I like her a lot.
I just don't love this.
She never seems to get it quite right.

This screams fairy godmother.
It's too much.

I don't love it, but she makes it work.
She looks really pretty too.

I love Chrissy, but I don't like this look.
She should have picked cleavage or leg.
Going with both is too much for the Oscars.
I like her hair, but not with the dark lip.
I guess I don't like dark lips on the red carpet.

The dress isn't my style, but it is very pretty.
I don't like her hair.
And again, I would have gone with a different clutch.

We get it, JLo.
You've got great tits.
The dress is gorgeous, but all you see is boobs.
I strongly dislike her pink lips and eye shadow.
The pink lip absolutely ruins it for me.

A McQueen I don't love? Shocking!
I don't like this color on her.
I don't love the style either.

Rene's dress also says bride.
Julianne's dress is tragic.
I hate the color and style.

A lot of people think Nicole's belt ruins her dress.
I would dislike it just as much without the belt.
I don't like the color, and the accessories are all wrong.
Keira's maternity gown might could have worked as a solid color.
Why the flowers and writing?

Kerry looks pretty, but I don't like it.
I think this look is too safe for her.
Gaga ruins a perfectly fine dress with red plastic gloves.
It's seriously laughable.

images via People + Us Weekly


Rachel said...

Gaga's gloves are HORRIBLE, but so is the dress. Looking at the sleeves makes me feel like her arms must have a rash today from rubbing against the fabric.

Chrissy would have looked perfect if her neckline was just a bit higher up. I LOVE the slit in the dress. The bottom gets an A, the top gets a C+.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Carmen Ejogo - no clue who she is but when I see her name all I can think about is the TV show The League, and "Carmenjello"

Marion - cute, but doesn't quite feel oscar like.

Viola - bibbity, bobbity, boo!

Chloe - not a huge fan but she does pull it off, maybe because she's younger.. although I realize now, much older than I previously remember her being.

Chrissy - I think the dark lips look odd with all of these light, pastel colors. And I agree... leg or cleve...

Anna Faris - she looks adorable, but I don't love it all together. I love her hair, not with the dress, love the dress but not with the hair and agreed on the clutch.

J-LO - I just laughed really loud at work... we get it.. you've got great tits.. and you love the natural color of peachy whatever ... bronze... (is it just me or does she wear that color a lot?)

Rene's dress I love -but mostly because I wish this was an option when I was getting married... hence you are right, totally bridal.

Julianne's might have been better if her waist was defined... maybe...

Nicole - what color IS that supposed to be??? Nope.

Keira... I don't like this at all. Why are all the maternity gowns so tragic lately - we have all these awesome casual maternity trends but nothing for dressing up... it always looks like a tent for these amazingly pretty ladies.

Kerry's is pretty but I don't love it. Seems more "wear to a wedding" vs. Oscars.

Gaga - I agree 100% why does she always have to GAGA everything up? ;)

Unknown said...

Marion Cotillard - love her, liked the dress but it had some weird black thing going on on the back about 2/3 of the way down which ruined it for me.

Nicole Kidman - I can never look at her without wondering why, why, why she put all that Botox in her face! Her dress sense is just very odd too.

Chrissy Teigeb - you are so right about cleavage or leg, she has too much on show of both.

J-Lo - such a beautiful dress but her boobs look ridiculous.

Anna Faris - needs to change her shade of blonde ASAP.

Keira K - love her but her maternity wear on the red carpet has been disappointing. This dress is my favourite so far but I'm not sure that's saying much. She looks radiant though.

Julianne Moore - SO glad that you didn't like this dress either, way too pale for her. She needed colour, maybe green, she looks gorgeous in that usually.

Gaga - just why, FGS?!

Allena said...

Carmen looked like she was wearing a shapeless sparkly slip. I liked the accessories and lips better than the dress!

Anna - I have hated her hair for years.

I felt the same way about Chrissy - it's almost a JLo vibe - we get that you are gorgeous.

I posted a side view of JLo with her smiling so you couldn't see her boobs and her pink lips were muted with her smiling. I thought the exact same 2 things - no more boobs and your lipstick is stupid.

Hated Felicity's dress.

This was the best Julianne looked which is sad. But she finally fixed her hair which was a huge improvement. And someone made a comment about thinking it would look better w/ a waist - ALL her dresses have looked like that - like a sack!

Nicole Kidman looks terrible.

Natalie B. said...

Hi! I loved Chrissy's hair. So classic Hollywood. The dark lip didn't do it for me either and, yes, the cut on the top would have been better higher up. Both Nicole & John Travolta can't move their faces. I can't believe they think they look good. So out of touch. I really though most of the dresses were pretty & fit well. Although, I would have liked to see color and less nude/beige.

Erin of TexErin-in-SydneyLand said...

I think I am the only person that likes Nicole's dress. I'm ok with that.

I totally agree with you about JLo. I'm over this plunging neckline on her.

Agreed totally about Chrissy as well.

Karen M. Peterson said...

I hadn't even realized there was writing on Keira's dress. WHY???

Christina said...

Don't pick a dress the same color as your skin tone, J.lo, Felicity, Julianne! They all look terrible, even if the dresses are pretty. Nicole's dress is terrible! Love her hair though. Gaga couldn't put the weirdness aside for one night? Thankfully she looked amazing on stage.