February 23, 2015

2015 Oscar Fashion
Statement Necklaces + Pearls

My best friend Terri wants everyone to know that Gwyneth's dress is her favorite.
I like the fit and color on Gwyneth.
I also love her earrings.
I just can't get on board with the giant shoulder flower.
I think Jessica's hair and makeup are perfect.
I also think navy is a great color for her.
I hate the dress though.
The fit and style are wrong for her body.

I love navy on Sienna.
I wish the dress liner went all the way down.
I like the black velvet piping, but hate the bows.
Her hair and makeup are on point though.
This was so close to being perfect.
Cate's look is simple, but polished.
It looked even better on tv.
Great necklace!

I love this color on Anna.
Her hair and makeup look great.
The fit of the dress is great too.
I just think it's too bridesmaid.
So close!
I love love love Emma.
She almost always gets it right.
This is also close.
I just hate this color on her.
She still looks fabulous though.

I love Rachael's dress!
I just don't love it on her.
I think Jamie looks beautiful.
Her dress is pretty, but something's off.
I think maybe if the bottom were lined in black...

Zoe is another who came close to getting it right.
I love the color and ruching across her mid-section.
The straps and sweetheart neckline totally ruin it for me.
Oprah, girl, you look good!

This yellow dress is beautiful.
I really love it on Jennifer.
Scarlett looks great in green.
I just don't like the whackadoo neckline.
Is it a necklace? Is it the dress?
She looked really pretty though.

Lupita looked stunning in this dress made of pearls.
The color and fit are perfect for her.
Her makeup was just right too.
I love her sense of style.
Reese made a lot of best dressed lists today.
I just don't love it.
The dress is simple and pretty, but I'm bored.
I think her hair is what ruins it for me.
Anyone else think she didn't look like herself?

So, have you figured out who's missing?
My picks for Best Dressed are next!

images via People + Us Weekly


Allena said...

Looks like we will have the same favorite (or at least 1 of them)...Rosamund!!

Erin of TexErin-in-SydneyLand said...

I'm about to be harsh: I hated Gwyneth's look and those earrings were all wrong with that dress.

I hated Emma Stone's dress and the color of the dress. A lot of people liked it, but I think it's because we all like Emma Stone as a person...I just hated this look.

I thought Jamie Chung's dress was better for a teenager actor at the Emmys. It wasn't an adult's Oscars dress for me.

Ok...now, I'll be nice.
Oprah - couldn't look any better!
Cate - goddess.

Unknown said...

TOTALLY agree that Reese looked different, yes!! I did like her dress though.

Gywneth - hated it, the colour, the shoulder flower, ugh.

Oprah - first time I've seen her dress, she looks fabulous.

Unknown said...

PS Love Emma, but that colour is hideous.

Lou said...

Loved Simone's comment from your first post about Oscar fashion; what took so long?!! I'm the same - literally waiting for Misty's commentary on the outfits. You do it so well! Lou x

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Gwyneth looks great - but I can't help but feel like her dress is completely Barbie. I swear I had a barbie with the same shoulder flower ;) But the color is great for her.

You know who I want to see in Jessica's dress... Joan, from Mad Men - yes I don't know her real name... and I've been watching the damn show forever! ;)

Anna - yes, bridesmaid, agreed. Pretty but bridesmaid.

Emma - I love it all but the color, you're right just doesn't work that well for her.

Oprah looks awesome! I really love that she's embraced her curly hair too - love it!

I'm still in shock over ScarJo's hair I can't even look at the dress/necklace/loch ness monster get up.

Lupita - head over heels in love with this look for her.

Reese - I'm bored. Beautiful, but predictable.

Karen M. Peterson said...

I hated Scarlett's hair. And Cate's too.

Christina said...

Yeah, I didn't like Gwyneth's shoulder action either. I like the color though. I think Emma's dres sin any other color would have been amazing. That is like lemon-lime Now & Later color. So ugly! I want Rachel's glasses. I liked her look! Scarlett's necklace and hair were terrible.