March 24, 2015

Spring has sprung, and I am busy.

So, I haven't blogged since March 3. Whoopsies! What have I been up to since then?

It snowed. We went sledding.
Snow is worth mentioning since it doesn't occur here very often.

The girl and I got haircuts.

Soccer started for Rory. Competitive baseball started for Dain.
Our first games are this weekend.

I tried Jamberry nail wraps for the first time.
Love them. Go Cats!

I got the cutest shoes from Old Navy.

A coworker finally gave us our Christmas presents in March.

The ladies in my office all wore black and tan on the same day.
You can't see my black and tan shoes because a man took the picture.

What have you been up to?


Myra said...

I was wondering where you were woman! I want snoowwwww. Maybe because it's been like 100+ degrees here

Unknown said...

"Because a man took the picture...." LOL!!

You look great & your children are gorgeous, glad that you're well :)

Talia said...

Ugh, snow. Sadly, we get it all the time in the winter. All.the.time. I am so ready for spring, sunshine and warm temperatures.

Your son looks just like you! :)

Allena said...

Lots of just 'normal' life over in the ATX for us... School, work, tantrums, the norm. ;) BUT...our house is almost done! Been building for 6 months and can't wait to move in next month!

Christina said...

I'm jealous of your snow. We got like an inch in November, while we were in San Diego. So bummed! There's not even any in the mountains to go play in. This has been a crazy winter. I love your haircuts! And the nail wraps. And your cute, sporty kids. The black and tan thing was unplanned? That's crazy! Love the comment about a man taking the picture. Haha!

Christina said...

I wrote about our life lately on my blog today too. So funny!

Karen M. Peterson said...

I'm glad you've been having fun! We miss you when you don't blog though.

Lori Carey said...

Somehow at work, at least once a week we all dress in similar colors completely coincidental! Today in fact, we are all wearing color, black and white!