May 12, 2015

2015 Met Gala Fashion
Best Dressed

At first glance, I didn't like this dress at all.
I'll admit that it grew on me.
I am becoming more appreciative of dresses that stand out.
And I think this one stands out in a good way.
It's different without being too weird or too overdone.
And she's not half naked!

I don't think this is perfect for the Met Gala, but I love it.
It's fun.
It's different.
It fits properly.
Her hair are makeup are on point too.

There's nothing spectacular about this.
She just always get it right.
Her hair and makeup look great.
I also like that the top and bottom appear to be different textures.

Love the dress.
Hate the hair.
But I love the dress enough on Kate to get past the hair.

This dress looks perfect on her.
They look perfect together.

This dress is great.
The color is great.
The fit is great.
Her hair and makeup are great.
I can even get past the side boob.

On any other day, I wouldn't have liked this.
On any other person, I wouldn't have liked this.
I'm still not certain I actually do like it.
It's just... Beyonce.
She walked in and dropped the mic.
If you're going to show up in something like this, you have to own it.
And she did.

Head-to-toe show stopper.
'Nuff said.

images via People


Minau said...

My fave is Kate H.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I'm not loving Jennifer Lawrence's dress, but I'm not hating it... it totally reminds me of the bathing suits I wore in middle school. The Faux Kini - where the sides attached to the bottoms.

I almost didn't recognize Kate... did she do something different with her face? (I tried to make that sound nice, but it didn't at all! ha). I do love the dress. Gold is always a win, mostly.

Kate Hudson - favorite! I like that her hair is UP but agree it's no the best up do. Everyday she morphs into her mother, and that is a compliment in my book.

Kendall Jenner with her perfect hair, and perfect dress and perfect body... just perfect, perfect, PERFECT! In all seriousness - I do love this look, I wish her hair was up but I guess all the real action isn't in the back but on the sides, so her hair works.

Ugh, Beyonce... always amazing, it drives me bananas! I did laugh my butt off at the comparison to the bride in Coming to America though. She looks amazing... I can't knock her, but I'm allowed to be jealous. ;)

Rosie - WOW!

Sam said...

I've always loved Kate Hudson's style so I would have to probably give her a gold star. But I myself like the simple elegant dresses!!

Christina said...

How does Jennifer Lawrence look 15?! I really like Kendall's look. Kate Hudson was one of my absolute favorites.

Kelly said...

Beyonce can get away with ANYTHING and I admittedly really liked Kendall!

xx Kelly
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