May 08, 2015

2015 Met Gala Fashion
Black + Red are Chinese?

Aside from the Oscars, the Met Gala is my favorite red carpet event. The fashion is typically more daring and outlandish. This year's theme was China: Through the Looking Glass. Some people took the theme to heart. Others were more subtle with their interpretation. And some ignored the theme altogether. If I were attending the Met Gala, I would definitely think outside the box and go with something I wouldn't normally wear.

The most popular color combo of the night seemed to be black and red.

This dress is too big for her frame.

Jourdan looked amazing on the red carpet.
Jessica's dress is pretty. Her hair is distracting though.

Most of the time, Sarah Jessica Parker can do no wrong.
I actually like the dress.
The headpiece is just a lot to take in.
But would it have been boring without it?
Olivia's dress is growing on me.
I can respect that it's different and interesting.

Sienna looks like a matador who forgot her shirt.
Poppy looks like a craft project gone wrong.

Vanessa's look is cute.
I wish she'd skipped the earrings though.
I feel like Zendaya's look fits the theme, but could have been better.
I do like her hair and crown-thingie though.

I don't like Linda's dress at all.
Karlie's dress should be lined.
Gigi's dress is pretty, but I'm bored.

images via People


Christina said...

Gigi looks 40 years old! Sadly I didn't pay attention to most of the Gala coverage and I usually love it too. I didn't have any downtime this week. I think SJP's dress fit the theme perfectly, but the headpiece was too crazy for me. I like Olivia's a lot too. Other looks I liked this year were Rita Ora, Kate Hudson, Kate Mara and Anne Hathaway.

Christina said...

...And I just realized you are probably posting more and this was just one category. Duh. Sorry! I can't wait to read the rest because I definitely missed out.

Minau said...

Great post, like your comments!

Kelly said...

Sienna's was simply awful!

xx Kelly
Sparkles and Shoes

Lori Carey said...

I think that SJP's dress would have been enough, the headpiece though beautiful is distracting.

This is one of my favorite fashion events, simply because of the amount of times I say "WTF".

cannot wait for your comments on Rihanna's dress-contraption thingy.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Allison's dress makes NO sense to me!

Jourdan - damn... love it!

Jessica's dress is really cool - agreed on the hair.

SJP - It would not be my choice but if anyone could pull it off, it's her.

Olivia - While I like the dress, I feel like she would look so much cooler in something else.

Poppy took on her name, literally.

Vanessa looks cute but very prom like.

Maybe if Zendaya had less volume in the skirt, I'd like it more... (how did she sit?) As you can tell I'm clearly more function over fashion in my life ;) haha

Linda - here, we'll just put a HUGE bow on you like the Lexus sales event, it will be stunning... NOT!

meh on the last two.