May 28, 2015

Our Summer Plans for 2015

School's out for summer. I will have a fourth grader and first grader next year. Every year I wonder the same thing. How did this happen? How are my kids 9 and 6? I just had them!

Rory's soccer season just wrapped up. Dain will play competitive baseball through the summer and into the fall. And cheer starts for Rory and I in mid-June. I'll be coaching 3 squads with a total of 63 girls. Being a former cheerleader myself, I'm super excited. Fun times are ahead.

We had a low key Memorial Day and cooked out at home. This past weekend may have been the last quiet one for a while. We've got baseball tournaments and cheerleading camp. We'll be attending our town's 3rd annual fireworks extravaganza. We're going to a huge Fourth of July bash. I renewed our family memberships to the Memphis Zoo and Pink Palace Museum. The kids are going to two local church camps where they'll have an absolute blast with their friends. We don't have any big trips scheduled, but plan to get away for a weekend or two in between events. Not to mention, we plan on painting the house. Clearly, I need my head examined.

Since we only have two months before school starts back up, we're going to cram in as much fun as we can. I'll rest in the fall with a good book. Nevermind, that's when football and cheer start full swing. I'll rest when I'm dead.

So, tell me, what do you have planned for the summer?


Allena said...

Please do some before and after pics of the house painting! It definitely sounds like a busy summer for y'all but a fun one! Trent just started karate and is loving it, so I think he'll do that all summer, and we've got (so far) 1 small trip planned with my mom's side of the family and that's all that is on the books so far. I want to get a membership to the rec center in the town we just moved to - they have a great splash pad/pool area for kids and I'm thinking swim lessons for both kids! Maybe dance or gymnastics for Drew in the fall...we'll see!

Karen Peterson said...

If you're going to over-schedule your summer, at least it's with fun stuff!

Christina said...

You're coaching three squads?! That's insane! Sounds like you'll be having a fun, busy summer! We need to paint our house too, but I think I'm gonna hire my cousin to do it. I hate outdoor work.

Mrs. Match said...

I'm jealous school is already out. Since I work at the school, I'm counting down the days! Only 9 left! WOOT WOOT. I have a jam packed summer, but the #1 thing we are doing is tackling potty training. We will be DONE with diapers by the time I go back to work in August. So I think I'm setting myself up with mountains of laundry this summer. ;-)

oooh what color are you painting the house? Fun!