July 15, 2015

Valentino Couture, Fall 2015
When in Rome

Sarah Harris from Vogue said, "This will be the show that most people remember when the couture collections draw to a close." I couldn't agree more. After looking at page after page of fall fashion, Valentino's couture collection is without a doubt my favorite. How gorgeous are these gowns? They're so fierce. ♥♥♥

Black dresses for the win!
Which do you love?

all images via Vogue


Payal said...

Love the one shoulder dresses!

Unknown said...

None of these are really my style but they are very interesting!

Unknown said...

i love the black dress with the stripes in the front very stylish

Unknown said...

Other than colour...I don't understand Fashion Shows! I never see anyone wearing, or even wanting to wear these garments. My sister is a fashion designer, and I still don't get it!

Christina said...

I really like the top two with the high necklines. I could do without the heavy jewelry on the bottom two, especially the necklace that looks like a bone. Haha!

Anonymous said...

Black dresses are just fabulous!

Unknown said...

i love the post
i love black dress it so beautiful
it look like greek