January 11, 2016

2016 Golden Globes Fashion
Better Luck Next Time

These are the ladies and dresses that almost made the final cut.

So close.

Better luck next time!

JLD is becoming one of my favorites on the red carpet.
I love the fit of this dress.
I also love the navy accessories with black.
Simple and classic, but also fun!

Sofia slays basic black.
Love. Love. Love.

She was initially on my Best Dressed list.
I went back and forth.
The dress is different yet fantastic.
I think her hair and makeup ultimately ruined it for me.

I don't typically like this kind of dress.
It's a showstopping silver.
I just don't like the accessories.

It's not the greatest dress, but it's Kate.
She is so beautiful to me. ♥

This wouldn't work on anyone else.
The styling is just right for her.
Color. Hair. Makeup. No accessories.

I don't know if it's the top half or the bottom half that's not working for me.
I feel like something's just not quite right.
She could rock a paper bag though.

This dress made a lot of Best Dressed lists.
For me, there's just a bit too much boobage for the red carpet.
Her hair and makeup are on point though.

She looks gorgeous.
I love the green.
I'm just not in love with the print.

all images via People


Erin of TexErin-in-SydneyLand said...

From this list, I love Rosie's look the most. She's a supermodel. She's supposed to look fantastic, and she did.

Myra said...

I love Kate Winslet! She always looks so regal!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Seriously... Julia looks better NOW than she did years ago on Seinfeld. I know the 80's/90's were hell on our hair but man... she just looks stunning!

SOFIA - *SWOON* I just LOVE her, and she looked amazing!

Emilia - this dress is beautiful - it looks very uncomfortable/itchy but very cool!

Jane Wu - the dress is so cool, but you literally have limited options for accessories to go with that. Maybe a black purse might have worked better?? Not sure.

Kate looks lovely in that color. It's safe, but lovely.

Rooney - that first image she almost appears to be nude the color blends with her skin tone so well.

Rosie - she's so damn beautiful. I might need to save this image for a future hair cut! ;)

I forgot Kirsten had boobs until I saw this... well I knew she HAD them just not such a nice rack. I do agree though... maybe a bit much for the red carpet.

Jaimie - I agree about the print!

Karen Peterson said...

The dress itself is meh, but I LOVE that color on Kate.

I still get sad when I see Jaimie Alexander because I REALLY wanted her to be Wonder Woman.

Christina said...

Sophia looked amazing! She's so frickin' pretty I can't stand it. I didn't like Rooney's look at all, but she bugs me in anything she wears. Kirsten looked incredible.

Unknown said...

Julia looks so beautiful, she never gets any older!

Kate Winslet - nice dress just a bit boring, she plays it too safe.

I don't like Kirsten's dress.

Rosie has an amazing figure, seriously!!