February 29, 2016

2016 Oscar Fashion
Best Dressed

Let's start with my pick for best dressed couple. First off, Tom Hardy is so hot it hurts. I hate Charlotte Riley a little bit, but only because she has him and I don't. #LuckyBitch She looks amazing in this black gown by Gauri & Nainika. Her hair and red lips are perfect. And how suave does Tom look in his 3-piece tux? Rawr. ♥

I'm not a Sarah Silverman fan at all. I don't think she's funny. I never like what she wears. No one's more surprised than me that she made the cut. I just can't help it. I'm a sucker for a pretty black dress, and this one from Zac Posen is stunning. Her makeup looks great. I love her sleek hair and simple jewelry. I don't think it hurts that she looks incredibly happy with Michael Sheen.

For the second year in a row, Margot Robbie finds herself on my Oscars best dressed list. I bet she's pumped. And just like last year, I made the initial decision based on how she looked from the waist up. I actually had to search Twitter to see the entire dress. This gold Tom Ford gown fits her perfectly. Her simple hair and makeup let the dress shine. She looks absolutely flawless. #GirlCrushx10

Last but not least, we have Jennifer Garner. Jennifer tends to stick to the same colors and silhouettes. This Atelier Versace gown, although not too far from her norm, packs a punch. She looks fab in black. I love the contrasting materials. I love the diamonds. I love her hair and makeup. And the Rene Caovilla heels? Fierce. Eat your heart out, Ben Affleck.

Love ♥

Love ♥

Love ♥

all images via People, Us Weekly, Daily Mail, + Just Jared


simone a said...

Love all your choices....
Margot Robbie ticks all the boxes, the gold dress is stunning.
Charlotte Riley looks gorgeous, plenty of Oscar glamour going on there.
Sarah Silverman....I can't stand her either & I can't believe she's dating Michael Sheen, what is he thinking?!
Jennifer Garner, a bit dull but yes, she looks great.

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I think I hate Charlotte a bit too - she looks fabulous, anything less on his arm would have been a crime. Tom looks so, so, so stinking amazing!!! #SWOON

PS I like him better WITH facial hair so this totally does it for me.

LOVE Sarah's look... And I have to say I'm the polar opposite, I am obsessed with her. I love her so, so much. She does look very, very happy with Michael :)

Margot looks amazing!!! I didn't love her hair upon first look - it seemed so off with this amazing dress but the more photos I see of her movement and the hair in different angles I am falling for it. The dress though, HOLY amazing!! I would think I would HATE this solid gold number but the texture is so damn cool! I really, love her.

I have always been a huge Jennifer Fan and this is a great, great look for her. I agree with you 100% on all parts... clearly Batman doesn't always get the girl ;) Or he might but he can't always keep her. My brother-in-law hates her, says she's not pretty at all... I told him to get his vision checked. He said she does nothing for me... and i said.. "Yeah, she'd never do anything for you, so you got that right."

Karen Peterson said...

I was surprised, too, that Sarah Silverman looked so presentable. I can't stand her and her presentation during the ceremony was unfunny and annoying, just like her. I had no idea she was with Michael Sheen and that seems such an odd pairing, but they do look really happy, so yay for them!

Jennifer Garner looked AMAZING.

I liked Margot Robbie's gown but hated her hair. It looked like she ran out of time and did nothing with it.

Oh, Tom Hardy. I love you.

Amy said...

I can't stand Sarah either...such an unlikely combination her and Michael...but hey they look happy!

Tom and Charlotte looks amazing!

Christina said...

Tom and Charlotte were definitely the hottest couple! I think Michael Sheen is classing Sarah up a little bit. Ha! Margot Robbie could be in Kate Winslet's garbage bag and be the best looking! She is gorgeous!