February 29, 2016

2016 Oscar Fashion
In the Spotlight

I like so many of the looks in this bunch.

For whatever reason, they didn't make the final cut.

I get pickier every year.

She almost nailed this.
Her hair and makeup look great.
She pulls off pants and the color white.
If only her boobs didn't look so terrible...

This gown looked gorgeous on tv.
It misses the mark because it's sheer.
It's also a little bridal.

I never like her hair and makeup.
She always ends up looking like a goth bride.
The dress suits her and is very pretty.
I think I'd like it more if it didn't have the slit.

I hated this when I first saw it.
It's a beautiful color on her.
The silhouette is nice.
But she looks like a bird.

I wanted to love this.
She looks good in green.
I like her hair and makeup.
Why is only one of her earrings green?
And I just can't get past the whole reptile vibe.

Oh, Rachel.
I am sad.
Why a satin slip dress?
It's so very bad.
Her hair, makeup and jewels were on point.
But the wrinkles were not.

I don't mind the silhouette.
I just don't like the orange.
I don't like that her lipstick matches either.

I don't want to hate too much.
She's gorgeous, but the dress is just ok.

I like her in purple.
What I don't like is the flower boobs.

I like the dress, but don't love it.
It's a beautiful color for her.
Also, her hair looks a bit childlike.

She branched out a little, and I don't like it.
She still looks fab though.

This may be the best I've ever seen her look.
Why that clutch though?

I love her soft hair and makeup.
The dress is pretty, but didn't wow me.
I think I expect too much from her.

I love this dress, like really love it.
But... the hair, earrings and bracelet ruin it for me.

Kate is beautiful.
Her hair and makeup look fantastic.
But this dress... The material is awful.
It looks like she's wearing a garbage bag.

all images via Us Weekly


Pints of Life said...

Totally agree... the material of Kate's dress ek! Sooo disappointing!

Allena said...

I can't decide what it is about JLaw. I think it's the bodice doesn't look like it fits right - the shape seems loose somehow and shouldn't - like maybe it doesn't fit? I think Rooney's dress needed to be sleeveless maybe? And I agree about the slit, hair, and make-up.

simone a said...

JLaw - a 9/10 for me, loved her hair.
Kate Winslet - that fabric is hideous.
Rachel Mcadam - I really like her & was disappointed in everything about this look.
Saoirse Ronan - love her & think she's looked great recently on the Red Carpet, something was slightly off about this look though.

simone a said...

Cate Blanchett - I've seen this dress on Worst & Best Dressed lists....not sure what it is for me, the colour or all the fluffiness, it doesn't work for me though.
Charlize Theron - I think red is too harsh on her & I don't like the straps on the dress or the side boobage that I saw in other shots of this dress.
Rooney Mara - I never ever like what she wears, this dress is no exception, I just don't get her look at all, ugh!

Alyssa Whitt said...

Oh my dear. I think you nailed it on the head about J-Law. I expect too much from her! Ever since she won her Oscar in that ball gown I expect her to make my jaw drop each year.
I feel like Reese wears a version of the same dress over and over...

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

Lady Gaga - nailed it. *You did... she didn't... boobage is not working.

Priyanka - I don't like the sheer bit of this either...

Rooney - not a fan of her hair at all... did her stylist even try? I agree about the slit...

Cate = pretty bird.

Saoirse - It's funny the reptile doesn't work for her, but the gold dress with it totally works for Margot! Why IS her earring a different color??? (I can't unsee it, thanks Misty!)

Rachel - yes, why satin... by now all people that make clothes should know this is a dress for STANDING only... wrinkles ruin it. However I like the color.

Olivia - I agree... she said she loved this dress.. but i didn't love the color at all.

Charlize - read is a great color on her, and while her neckline is similar to Olivia Wilde's - I don't hate this. Is that a tattoo on her arm?

Reese looks like she's ready to catch rain water and/or is showing off her strapless bra with that dress. Not a fan. The color is nice on her.

Brie - her hair is childish - I couldn't think of how to describe it... I liked her AFTER PART dress way better... it was blush and fell off her shoulder, just very sultry and more adult.

Sofia - she did branch out... not her typical mermaid like dress... maybe if the color was slightly more vibrant... it seems too tame for her personality.

Mindy... the clutch is a no go.

Jennifer - Man, I love her hair, it makes me want to hack mine again... I loved this dress in other images but this one makes her seem very washed out - her hair blends too well with the skin tone of the dress. I do love a great black lace dress with a liner like this though.

Julianne's earrings say disco. no, no.

Kate - what kind of material is that? I've only seen the images of her standing with Leo... and I couldn't see her dress ( I was blinded by my new lust for Leo...)

Karen Peterson said...

Now, I LOVED Sofia Vergara's dress. She finally wore something different and it worked!

Is Kate wearing a plastic dress?

I'm SHOCKED at how much I loved Julianne Moore's dress, but yeah. The hair and jewelry kind of wrecked the overall look.

Christina said...

Gaga's boobs definitely looked weird. I didn't realize Priyanka's dress was sheer! No thanks. I like Cate's dress. I thought Saorise looked beautiful but her dress was a little Vegassy. At least half of my friends wore a dress like McAdams to a formal in high school. Haha! Oh, J Law was on the red carpet! I must have missed it! I love her hair so, so much. I want to chop mine off and bleach it.